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Good morning! 

I just registered today, but I've been lurking around the site for months and have gotten so much helpful information here.  So first of all, a sincere thank you to the folks that post here.  I can't tell you how helpful it is to the newly diagnosed.

I'm 59 years old and incredibly healthy until I was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I felt absolutely fine with no symptoms.  It's been about six months now and I think I'm still a little shocked!

My story is a little strange.  A 2.5 cm nodule was found in my lower right lobe on a routine x-ray back in 2010.  I had a PET scan at that time and it was negative.  The nodule was monitored for six years.  I had CT scans every three months for two years, twice a year for two years and then once a year for two years.  There was no change to the nodule over that period, it was pronounced "stable" and I was told that I no longer needed scans.

Fast forward to 2019 and a new Primary physician that went over my chart very thoroughly went I became his patient.  He was concerned about the nodule.  He was absolutely persistent that I get a CT scan even though the Pulmonary specialist said that I didn't require them.  He nagged enough that I finally gave in and went for the scan.  The results were shocking, the nodule had doubled in size and had became a 5.5 cm mass.  Long story short, I had all of the usual tests.  Biopsy determined it to be adenocarcinoma. PET scan only indicated activity in that lobe.  MRI of the brain was clear. 

I was referred  to a surgeon who intended to do an "open" lobectomy with the rib spreading, long incision, epidural, week long hospital stay, 10 weeks off work...  I knew that there must be a less invasive method available in 2020 and started surfing.  I found this site and read for days.  I read about the VATS and robotic surgery and knew that was what I wanted.  I found an amazing new surgeon and hospital and had my robotic lobectomy on Feb. 21st.  There was no lymph node involvement and was staged 2B.   I was out of the hospital in 2 days, out to lunch in two weeks and back to work after 5 weeks.  

I'm moving on to chemo now, so will start lurking on those boards instead of the surgery board lol :)

So my question is this...with Stage 2B adenocarcinoma with no apparent metastasis or lymph node involvement...does 4 rounds of cisplatin/alimta sound like a typical treatment plan to those of you that are more experienced in this?  



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Welcome here and glad you persisted in getting the type of surgery you desired, and that you are well recovered and ready for chemo.

Four infusions of a cisplatin and Altima does appear to be the right treatment for adjuvant therapy. This combination will likely be a less than full strength dose and is designed to sweep errant cancer cells from the bloodstream and lymphatic system. During my adjuvant therapy before surgery, I didn’t even lose my hair! A summary of my experience with chemo is found at Lung Cancer Navigator > Lung Cancer 101. It is titled “Reflections on Infusion.”

I am very knowledgeable about Macomb Michigan. I was stationed at the Army Tank Automotive Command in Warren. I miss my fishing excursions on Lake Saint Clair!

Stay the course.


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Thanks so much for the response on the adjuvant therapy Tom!   I will definitely read about your experience with chemo, I appreciate the info.

For whatever reason, the chemotherapy portion of treatment is making me much more nervous than the actual surgery.  The start date is also being delayed while because of my recent lung surgery/potential exposure to the covid-19 virus so I am starting 10 weeks post surgery rather than 8.

I know exactly where the tank plant is and we just live a couple of miles from Lake St Clair.  We spend most of our free time in the summer on the lake.  It is truly the best part of living in this area...almost makes up for the horrible winters :)

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Deb M

Sorry it took so long to reply but just finished 2nd round of Chemo late this week and having a little worse time of it right. Mainly headaches.

Your story mirrors mine almost exactly.  I'm 58 year old male. A 1.8cm modular was found back in 2004. I too had a PET scan which showed up negative, was a smoker and have a history of lung cancer in my family. Doc was convinced it was a fungus so I monitored it for 2 years then forgot about it.

Fast forward to last October when I thought I had pneumonia that antibiotics didnt kick. I requested a scan because I knew something was up. Turns out my fungus was now a 4.5 cm LCNEC non small cell cancer. I'd probably still be walking around blissfully ignorant if I had waited for my NP to recommend a scan.

Long story short is I had a VAT thoracotomy late January to take out right lower lobe. Unfortunately the tumor pathology wasn't NSCLC carcinoid like we all assumed...it was a very rare form of Large Cell Neoecrodin non small cell whose standard of treatment is the same SCLC.  I am currently on Cisplatin/Epto. Half way through Chemo then do radiation.

Wishing you the best. Also wish I could wind the clock back 15 years and take the sucker out when it was found.



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I think we'd all agree with you about going back to redo something, but around 65% of the time those nodules are not a malignancy, so I can understand your doctor taking a wait and watch route.  I too had a VATS Lower-Right Lobectomy but my cells were NSCLC Squamos so I didn't require chemo, but many here have and can offer support and information as you go through this.  Please keep posting and you won't be alone.


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