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I wonder if there is any significance in one having a MET amplication and taking Keytruda. Since it is a drug that targets PDL-1 protein? Or am I off track....

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Can't answer your specific question, although until the MET mutation was identified for my husband, the plan was for chemo plus Keytruda and then radiation. All of that changed when the NGS report was received. We are waiting to hear back from insurance regarding Tabrecta but in the meantime he will be starting radiation next week to help reduce the size of the mass on his chest wall that has grown a lot and become increasingly painful. The doctor also said there are several other MET targeting drugs in the pipeline so hopefully there will be other options if my husband can't tolerate Tabrecta or if it is not effective. His oncologist felt that trying the targeted therapies was a much better option for my husband than going with chemo/immunotherapy. He does have high PDL-1 and high Tumor Mutation Burden. He also has several other abnormalities that were detected both on the two tumor reports as well as the GUARDANT 360 liquid biopsy assay.

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