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LC Mistaken for COVID


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I spoke to one of my long time clients a couple of months ago during the peak of the COVID pandemic in NY.  She was having an issue in her home that I helped her with it via Facetime.  At the time she said that she believed that both her and her husband had COVID.  They were both in their 70's and I was concerned for them.   She said they were not feeling well, had symptoms of COVID but hadn't been tested.  At the time in NY the common practice was if you exhibited symptoms you were assumed to be positive (testing was hard to come by) and asked to quarantine.  Her symptoms didn't improve for over a month.  She finally convinced her doctor to see her.  It turned out the symptoms were from very advanced lung cancer.  She passed this past Sunday. She was a really kind and generous person. I was not terribly close to her but her passing really hit me kind of hard.  I really hate this disease.  I also hate how difficult COVID is making getting treatment for it for some.   

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Hi Curt,

We all feel the sadness when someone passes particularly when early detection could have made an impact.  It’s horrible the way most of us suffer through multiple deferential diagnosis.  Your clients story is an important one, so sorry to hear about it.   Hang in there. 

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So sorry to hear this!  Wondering if she did have Covid?  That would explain her quick passing. It was mentioned she thought she and her husband had symptoms. 

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