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2nd time through


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Welcome and very sorry to learn of your recurrence.

You may wish to tell us the type of lung cancer you had as a result of your lobectomy. Going forward, those of us with your type of lung cancer may be positioned to help you understand treatments and side effects.

Take your time and read about us on Forums and Blogs. I had 5 recurrences in my treatment history. I do hope your recurrence is quickly resolved.

Stay the course.


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Welcome! I'm dealing with a post-lobectomy recurrence, too, though mine looks to be more extensive (biopsy in a week, then we'll know more).

This is a great group--I've been around since my first diagnosis/surgery in 2017. There is a TON of collective experience here, as well as a lot of encouragement and support. 

Very sorry about your situation--it really sucks when things have been going well, to get this kind of news. But you're in the right place--glad you're here.

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Hello and welcome. Glad you found us. I had a lobectomy in 2016 and had my first recurrence in 2017. My recurrence was in a lymph node in my aortic arch so I had chemo and radiation; it couldn't be addressed surgically. I wasn't too surprised when I had this recurrence because the surgeons found cancer in my lymph nodes during my lobectomy.

Please keep us posted and let us know how you are.

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Welcome and sorry to hear you are facing a recurrance.  I do wish you the very best and hope you'll soon have all your testing results so that you can move forward and do whatever is needed to treat this.

I was diagnosed at Stage IV in March of 2015 and was never a candidate for surgery, but thankfully have done very well with the treatments we know have available.  I've also been through one recurrence and know how scary that felt.  Thankfully, that's when I moved on to "Immunotherpay" which had just been FDA approved and it's been  a life saver for me.  I'm now stable and have been off ALL treatment for almost four full years.    Just had scans last week and my Oncologist is thrilled with my long term results and expects me to continue to do well for a very, very long time.

Best wishes to you - lots of great people in this group who will be happy to provide you support and encouragement.


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