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PET CT scan results


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Today I was at the hospital getting my pulmonary function tests done and My Pulmonologist called me with the results of the PET CT Scan that I had done yesterday (that was fast). My doctor said that only the small 2.4 cm nodule in my right middle lobe lit up on the scan and there was no uptake in my lymph nodes. As for the numerous ground glass opacities in my left upper and lower lobes, my doctor didn’t seem to be concerned about them. Dr Bradway wasn’t aware of the fact  that I had an appointment with another Interventional Pulmonologist on Monday, but he said that person will most likely send me for a Bronchoscopy next. The good thing is the 2nd Pulmonologist works closely with the thoracic surgeon that does the bronchoscopies locally, so I won’t have to travel very far to get the procedure done. 

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Did you find out how you did on the PFT? The fact that only the one nodule lit up means this will hopefully be relatively simple to address. And they will probably continue to follow the other GGOs. Keep us posted!

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Soon you'll have all your data together and can sit with your team to determine the appropriate treatment plan.  If only one area is lighting up, then that is a good start...I look forward to hearing more as you complete all your testing.


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