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2020. An epic year


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I have had my fair share of trying years. From work to family to loss, so many periods I look back upon with almost wonder that I (we) worked thru. And many blessings as well.

2020, however, is a year for the ages. At work started the year looking forward to a major expansion, financial rewards and time to arrange my retirement. Then the phone call. Now unemployed.

Add to that all of the unrest in the country. From impeachment to civil unrest to a pandemic. Living near Portland Oregon and seeing nightly riots that went on forever. Add massive fires and chocking smoke, a broken political system and people more worried about looking right than being correct.  It has been the most trying year of my life on almost every level.

So why post this? Because I believe we are one week away from a turn. Next Tuesday will decide the turn. Being a pessimistic optimist I think we will make a turn for the better. I am sure the following weeks maybe tumultuous but I think it will settle down by the end of the year.

Regardless. Please Vote. Encourage your friends and family to vote.

Here is hoping 2021 brings the opposite of 2020.



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Voted early and also very much hoping for a good and much needed turn.

2020 had been brutal in so many ways, can't wait for it to be a bad memory and that better days are coming soon for all of us.

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