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Pneumonia recovery / Rife machine use in NSCLC patient experience?

Cathy Lee

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Hi folks, has anyone had any experience with the recovery of a lung cancer patient with pneumonia? My dad has stage VI NSCLC for 4 years (praise Jesus for this miracle in itself) and often experiments with alternative therapies/treatments in addition to his Tagrisso and Vaxira medication. He recently used a Rife machine (Rife machines produce low electromagnetic energy waves. These waves are similar to radio waves. Supporters of the treatment claim that the Rife machine can treat different conditions including cancer. There is no reliable evidence that the Rife machine works as a cure for cancer) on himself for hours and become feverish the next day. A week later, his oxygen level was seriously low and he was hospitalized with pneumonia.

Does anyone have experience with Rife machines and their potential efficacies/side effects?

Does anyone have experience with the recovery time and process for a lung cancer patient with pneumonia? Anything to watch out for?

Thanks - if anyone has questions about how my dad has responded to various alternative treatments, feel free to ask - he's tried pretty much all of them, some of which have worked well, and others that haven't (and have had adverse effects such as this one).

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Based on what they do, I can't imagine a Rife machine's causing pneumonia. Sounds like it wouldn't do anything--good OR bad (unless used instead of legit therapies). There are plenty of opportunities, though, to develop pneumonia.

Recovery from pneumonia probably depends on a lot of factors--including the overall condition of the lungs, the cancer treatment one is on, the type of pneumonia, etc. His treatment team should be able to advise him. 

I assume he's been tested for COVID?

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Cathy Lee,

Welcome here.

Experimenting with alternative therapies/treatments, no I don't have that experience. I've had plenty of experience with CDC approved treatment and that has yielded 17 years of life after lung cancer diagnosis. Why experiment?

I'm an engineer and have technical knowledge about electromagnetism and electromagnetic waves. There is such a phenomena and an electromagnetic field or wave can be passed through human tissue. For example, an MRI scan uses electromagnetism to generate images of tissue and bone. But how a field or wave could distinguish between normal tissue and cancer tissue in such a way as to harm the cancer tissue without damage to normal tissue is beyond my ability to comprehend.

Here is a list of unproven or disproven cancer treatments published in Wikipedia. You'll note the Rife machine made the list. 

I've had a number of pneumonia episodes. Pneumonia is fluid collecting in the lungs and it has many causes. My treatments involved diuretic medications, oxygen therapy, steroids, and antibiotics. One episode while recovering from surgery took more than three weeks to resolve. Doctors paid a lot of attention to my O2 saturation rate so it may be wise to invest in a pulse oximeter available in drug stores or in Amazon. 

Stay the course.


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Dang your good Tom. I am also not into alternative medications. Must be an Engineer thing. Regardless atleast once a month my wife tells me I need fish oil supplements, high dosage vitamin D3 and brussel sprouts (??) and I would feel better. This has been going on for years. I have learned to smile and say...yes mame.



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FWIW, my oncologist told me to STOP taking fish oil supplements. I forget the reason, might have had to do with risk of bleeding/bruising. Feel free to borrow it if you need an excuse, lol.

The D3, though, is prescribed for my bone met/osteoporosis. And any health benefits aside, brussels sprouts is currently my favorite vegetable.

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