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US Army Testing COVID Booster

Tom Galli

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I just read this in the online edition of Stars and Stripes, the US Armed Forces Newspaper, about a COVID vaccination booster (works with all currently used vaccines) just started human testing at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Stay the course.


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This is interesting. I was just searching forums to see if anyone had any info on the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine if given 4 days before first chemo (triplet) was started. I’ve searched a bit online without any luck. Sadly, I would think chemo reduces its’ effectiveness. 

Thanks for posting, Tom. 


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I myself haven't heard of any such lowered efficacy of covid shots due to chemo... I received my first shot (pfizer) on 3/6 and my second on 3/27. And then I started my chemotherapy on 4/5. And it's not like my medical team was unaware; everything was done through the VA and they are all very aware of my health situation (between mail from them, phone calls, etc. I am in contact with them near daily). I would think someone would have told me something if there was a concern.

But for certain I would contact your medical and ask them... The more you know the better advocate you can become for yourself...   

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Our search function on the forums is fakakta ATM. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I haven't seen anything to suggest the vaccines would be less effective based on timing in relation to treatment. But yeah, for any questions, I'd ask your oncologist.


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