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Hugh went hunting this morning!!!


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After a not-so-great weekend, (very tired, a period of blurred vision, nausea) Hugh got out of bed this morning at 5:00 a.m. and went Turkey hunting with our son!!!

Hugh is an avid outdoorsman, and last year he didn't get out at all. Just too short of breath, feeling awful. I wouldn't have bet he would have gotten out at all this year either. But, we went through the motions of buying the license and permits - its important not to be a pessimist after all. I set the alarm this morning thinking he would just ask me to shut it off. Well, he popped right out of bed, dressed himself in his Rambo gear, equipped himself with all his high-tech turkey calls, etc. I followed him around like a "mother", telling him not to over do it, keep the sun off his nose and lips. What a pair we must have made. Then he walked off to the truck with no gun! Uh, Hugh, didn't you forget something? No, I sure didn't, he replied. I'm not interested in shooting anything. I just want to see how close I can get the bird to me, I want to be out in the woods and enjoy the surroundings. What a guy! He just called me (yes, I am at work and "cheating") as I was typing this to let me know he is home and had a relaxing time, though he couldn't walk very far without resting and is very tired now and is going to go take a nap.

As for keeping the sun off his nose and lips - can you believe the doctors never told us chemo makes you more sensitive to the sun???? We sat outside Easter Sunday and the result (even with sunscreen) was huge sun/coldsore blisters on his nose and lips. They are just nasty looking. I have been fretting about those all week, but they look much better and thankfully not infected. The nurse at chemo gave him hell, but, jeez, we used sunscreen and had no idea that he would be ultra-sun sensitive!

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Candy, that is great news! Nothing motivates like wanting to do something one enjoys. And to share that with his son is even better. Lucie tries to go to the church bazaar workshops every Wednesday, because she loves the craft-making. I at first was leery, but she is so energized before and after, I know it is good for her. So I support her efforts in that direction. All the survivors need goals, things to work towards and to feel accomplishment for. Great news. Don

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Yea Candy; that is really great!!! :lol::lol::lol: ;

I can really identify with Hugh!!, 8 weeks after they took my left lung out I was hiking with the camera in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Why!! :shock: Cause I could!! :D ; so glad he was able and wishing many more!!!

God bless and be well

Bobmc - NSCLC stage IIB - left pneumonectomy 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today! "

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Guest DaveG

Hugh sounds like my kind of man. I am praying that when the chemo starts, I will be able to get up, drive the car to the golf course, put on tons of sunscreen and go out on the course and hit the living crap out of the golf ball.

I don't have to go all that far to find turkeys, as my wife and I have a log home in 20 acres of woods. I go outside every morning and can hear the turkeys gobbling. We also have a nest of sandhill cranes to the south of us and I enjoy watching the sandhills flying overhead. They are very zaney when they fly in a group.

My wife also dotes over me as well. She always wants to make sure I don't do too much and wear myself out. I keep telling her not to worry because I won't wear myself out, as the warranty ran out years ago. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

I don't know what I will do if I have problems with the chemo, because, even since my cancer and retirement, I hate sitting or laying around the house. If I am unable to drive, then I will call a friend to come and pick me up and get me out of the house. If I'm not feeling up to hitting a golf ball, then I'll ride along while my friends play.

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