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Fluid Around My Lung

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I have been feeling very out of breath lately and have been coughing more than usual. I went to the doctor and had a CT that shows a lot of fluid around my cancerous lung. I will be having the fluid removed as soon as they can schedule me.

Is there anyone who has had this procedure who could let me know what to expect? Does it come back?

I have gone through radiation and chemo and I have been on Tagrisso  for 2 weeks.

Thank you!

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I haven't had the procedure but Tagrisso should help after the fluid has been drained. Plenty of people report that Tagrisso dried up their fluid completely. Two weeks is a short time, so give it time to work. For me, chemo and radiation resolved the fluid in my left lung. Best of luck with the procedure. 

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Welcome here.

If your question about fluid removal involves draining a pleural effusion, then yes I’ve experienced it. I had a local anesthetic and a long needle was used to withdraw the fluid from the pleural space. My discomfort breathing was immediately relieved. I admit, I was concerned when I saw the rather large needle, but I didn’t feel a thing. Does the fluid come back? Sometimes. The fluid results because the lungs are experiencing irritation. Judy reports her Tagrisso stopped the fluid and mine never returned when I started chemo. I do hope you have but one drain session and results improve with Tagrisso.

Stay the course. 


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Hi sorry you've found yourself on here. I had a tonsillar cancer hpv (p16) positive with several affected lymph nodes. I had 35 radiotherapy and 2 chemo sessions.  My doctor had recommended it but I think you can sign up for free. I am now a few months post radiotherapy and living my life.

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