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My name is Beth. I found out I had a suspicious nodule (2cm) that was confirmed on PET scan. Nothing else lit up including nodes. My pulmonologist, oncologist and surgeon thought a left upper lobectomy would be curative with no chemo or radiation after surgery. The lobectomy was OCT. 12 and OCT 21 pathology came back positive for SCLC WITH 3 OF 24 nodes were positive and I would need chemo and radiation. I start tomorrow for three days and every three weeks for a total of four rounds. Radiation late December. Cisplatin and etopiside.

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I'm glad you found our forums and also sorry that you have to be here.  It sounds as if your medical team is looking at the adjuvant treatment to clear the cells in the nodes and anywhere else in the body  My treatment was surgical only so I can't give you any input on the chemo, but others will soon be here who can and will.  In the meantime we do have a forum for SCLC specifically and it can be found here.  In the meantime please feel free to share any additional information you can and ask any questions that you may have.  We have a broad spectrum of survivors here that are always glad to share their personal experience to help you navigate this this new journey you are on.


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Welcome here.

Your diagnostics pointed to limited stage SCLC but during surgery the lymph node find apparently was concerning enough to cause your doctors to treat you as if you have extensive stage SCLC. Your chemo type and frequency with adjuvant radiation are the national standard of care for SCLC. Unfortunately, finding additional cancer during surgery, especially in lymph nodes is more common than not.

Yours however remains an early find and removal of the tumor is a good way to reign in metastatic small cell. So, there is a good probability of a successful treatment outcome. Do stay connected with us and let us know how your treatment is progressing. Of course, if you have questions, this is the place.

Stay the course.


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