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Hiccups and Stomach Spasms


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Hi all,

I haven't posted on the boards in quite some time now. My dad has been in the hospital twice in the last month, mostly for severe enemia which caused serious weakness. He's back at home now, and is getting a bit stronger, but there's is one thing that's holding him back-- even making him weak, and that's stomach spasms. He has such a persistent case. We've been trying Baclofen, Reglan, and even Thorazine. The meds seem to help for a while-- especially if they are new to him, but then after a day or so, the spasms are back pretty darn regular again. This is affecting his sleep, his eating, his strength, even his emotions. Just this morning he said to my mom, "I've was such a good athelete in my lifetime, and now these hiccups and spasms are going to take me out!" My mom had to go into the other room to cry. She's so distressed, as we all are! The spasms are definitely making him weak again. He was getting stronger everyday, but I think he's slipping back. Does anyone have experience with this or have any suggestions? We're at our wits end over here!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


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I will keep you and your dad in my prayers, that he finds some relief... I have never heard of that particular problem, but that doesn't make him less uncomfortable or your mom less upset. Call your doctor and explain, maybe there is something that they can prescribe to give your dad some relief.



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Hi Kitty,

I can speak only to the hiccups and they nearly drove me mad. Was told it was probably the stemetil i was taking. (for nausea). Stopped talking stemetil some while later and sure enough hiccups went away. Who Knows.. Thought I'd share..

Good luck with them as I know how incredibily debilitating they can be.

God Bless us All...


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