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NCI Request for Input on LC

Guest Estrea

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Guest Estrea

An interesting request I received from the NCI (Note to Katie and Rick -- this is the kind of thing we can do that costs nothing -- all we need to do is put this up on our main site so everyone can see it)

Dear Friends:


We are writing to ask for your suggestions as we begin development of The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research (the "Bypass") Plan and Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2006.  Please respond to bypassreview@mail.nih.gov


Purpose of The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research

This annual plan and budget document outlines the National Cancer Institute's professional judgment about what will be required to maximize resources and most effectively move cancer research forward, ensure that research is translated into evidence-based interventions, and move these interventions into public health, policy, and medical practice.  We use this annual plan and budget proposal to communicate our vision, goals, progress, and plans to the President and Congress.  NCI staff, the research community, professional organizations, cancer advocacy groups, foundations, and others reference the document in their many efforts to set priorities and plan their programs.  While the budget and requested increases described in this annual publication are for a single fiscal year, the plan elements span several years and set forth the longer-term vision of what needs to be accomplished. 


Our Request of Each of You

We want the 2006 plan and budget to articulate the collective judgment of the cancer community about what it will take to reach our NCI Challenge Goal to the Nation for eliminating the suffering and death due to cancer by 2015 and within that context to outline what needs to happen in 2006 to move that agenda forward.  With this email, we are requesting that you help us by reviewing and commenting on (1) the Plan and Budget for Fiscal Year 2005, accessible online at  http://cancer.gov/pdf/nci_2005_plan and (2) a description of new strategic priorities identified over the past year by NCI leadership and described briefly online on the NCI Director's Corner at http://cancer.gov/directorscorner/direc ... 08-27-2003.  We plan to merge these two efforts this year, along with those of our disease-specific planning through the Progress Review Group process, and to use them to develop an integrated strategic plan for the Institute.  That integrated plan will serve as the context for The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research:  A Plan and Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2006. 


We want to encourage you to provide input on any area for which you have knowledge, expertise, or interest.  We hope that your suggestions will include responses to questions such as the following:

·         Where, within this myriad of priorities and initiatives, are the most compelling opportunities for advancing toward our Challenge Goal?

·         Where are the largest research gaps within these priority areas that, if not filled, will prevent us from achieving our Goal?

·         If we cannot do it all, which efforts will be most critical for moving toward our Goal?

·         What are some innovative ways in which we can increase synergism and leverage limited resources along the way to achieving our Goal? 


Please send us your input by replying to this email.  In order to make best use of your comments, we need your input early in the process, by no later than Friday, April 16, 2004.  Please telephone Kathie Reed or Kathy Sorrow at 301/496-5515 if you have questions or concerns or have technical difficulties.


Please also help us by forwarding this email to colleagues who might like to provide input, but who are not yet on our list of reviewers.  If you copy us when you do this, we can add that person to our future distribution list. 


Your contribution will help us build the momentum and identify the most effective approaches for achieving a future in which people will live with - not die from - cancer.


Thank you for your valued assistance.



Cherie Nichols


Office of Science Planning and Assessment

National Cancer Institute






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Guest bartziggies (mom)

have been under the weather i have been sick about 2 weeks. Thanks for all the nice messages everyone has sent to me. I really appreciate them they really helped me through the day. I feel like you are all my family because you all loved greg so much and he loved all of you. I lite a candle every nite for everyone of you. love gregs mom

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I posted to tell everybody that you wrote in this

part of the forum.

I hope you will feel bettter soon, with spring coming.

I will say prayers for your wellbeing.

Thank you so much for your post, we also think of you often

and count you in the big family, stay around and we will be

there for you anytime.



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BZ's mom-

Hope you are starting to feel a bit better. Being physically sick makes the spiritual burdens even harder to deal with. Thank you for thinking of us and please know that Bart and you will always have a special place in our hearts because of our interactions on this support board. Take care and keep in touch.

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Hi, Greg's Mom. I hope you are feeling better soon. It is really hard to lose a son. I have lost three cousins in the last few years - one was 38 (breast cancer) one was 43 (suicide) and one was 48 (ruptured aneursym while jogging). I am watching my beloved aunts and uncle suffer with losing children in the prime of their lives, as Greg was. He was a super duper nice guy and quickly became a real friend to my husband Dave (who is doing pretty well for the time being) as they were diagnosed about the same time and were about the same age.

Please hang in there and stay in touch with us. We love you very much.

God Bless,

Karen C. (David C's wife)

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