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finding a new radiologist


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Well, we just found out the the Dr we made an appt with next Monday is not going to help. He specializes in 3D but not for bone mets. They say they are close to doing it, but as of now, they are not ready. I don't understand what the difference is if you get the 3D on an organ or on the bones?? So now we are going to see what we can find out up in Bellevue at Overlake Hospital Onc. Radiology center. Wish us luck! If we can get rid of Rob's bone pain, it will be well worth the 65 mile drive everyday. He is in so much pain all the time, and the pain meds just don't work good after a while. It gets so discouraging :cry: We will never give up fighting! Thanks to everyone's support here. I am praying for God to help us all in this battle.

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My husband was constantly in pain in the rib area and the drs just seemed to ignore it. He had radiation to that area but it never helped. He had medication but he said it was like aspirin. When he entered into hospice was the first time he had meds that worked. That med was morphine. I am sure his drs can give him something with morphine in it. I don't know why they shy away. they are not the one's with the pain. Don't worry about addiction, go for the morphine. I am upset that my husband was not offered that. If I had it to live over, he would have been on it.

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Thanks for the encouragning words. Rob is on morphine oxycontin 30mg, but after a while it seems to lessen the pain.MS contin doesn't work much at all anymore! (morphine sulphate) I guess one becomes immune to the effects.? Well I got a hold of the Overlake Hospital and they do the bone mets there! :D I just hope it will take away the horrible pain Rob has. We'll find out on an appt after the Dr office contacts them and we will update the findings. Rob will also have another CTscan on March 29th, and we find out the results on April 2nd. Thanks for all the prayers too! :D

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