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Incision pain 9 months after surgery


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Hello everyone 👋🏾 it’s been 9 months since my Bilobectomy. I’m still having pain/discomfort at the incision site. I know everyone heals differently it appears I’m a little slower.🫤 I still can’t sleep on my back even wearing a bra causes discomfort 😩. Oncologist and PC ruled out keloid(which is common in darker skinned). I had a lidocaine injection but it didn’t help. Also was given cream to help with the itching. 
I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks ☺️ 💕 

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Hi LeeLee,

I had my LRLobectomy in May of 2019 via VATS and a couple of my incisions still pulsate with numbness and pain at the same time.  In my case it seems to vary (no explanation for that) and sometimes it is more numbness than pain while other times it is the opposite.  The answer I've gotten on this is that it can happen and diminish over time.  Mine surely has diminished considerably over the last 3 years, and while not totally gone it is much easier to ignore.  Give it some time and you should also find that over time you can have more and more relief.


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