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I was wondering if NSLC are supposed to have a brain scan also. My fiance was diagnosed with it and his oncologist keeps saying he's going to do one on him..he just had scans done and still no brain scan..it did spread to his lymph nodes.. I would like to know more about the brain scan... I'm his caregiver and advocate..thank you and I wish all cancer fighters a good journey.. I'm a Blood Cancer patient (Non Hodgkin's follicular lymphoma 

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Normally (if the word even applies to lung cancer) one has a CT and a brain scan (MRI) as imaging diagnostics prior to first treatment. It would not be unusual to have a CT that covers from neck to pelvis. When I was diagnosed, a special CT of the head with contrast was used to perform a "brain scan". Now MRI technology is almost universally used to screen for brain metastasis (we say brain mets). Sometimes a PET scan is included in the scan regime. More often, a PET scan is administered at the end of first line treatment (first treatment.  Here is information on imaging tests used in diagnosing and screening for lung cancer.

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A head MRI is necessary. I had a contrast CT for head and neck that was clean (this is how my lung cancer was incidentally reported) but my oncologist still ordered a contrast MRI as it is more sensitive in that region. I would ensure they do one. Sometimes doctors keep doing brain MRI for periodic check ups after treatment is done but my oncologist seems not to do that and this was one of the things I wanted to discuss with her in the near future. Too much scanning also has risks so it is a fine balancing act...

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I would definitely ask for a brain scan, I had one done when I was diagnosed and it was clear but unfortunately it was 2 months before I started chemotherapy and radiotherapy and they didn't scan me again by February I had a seizure caused by 2 brain mets so it is really important to get this done, goodluck with everything Take care Justin 

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