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neuropathic foot pain with Tagrisso ?


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Has anyone encountered significant neuropathic foot or lower extremity pain while on Tagrisso? I am on a double dose (160) as I have meningeal involvement. My brain MRI has improved, and I do not have evidence of spinal disease- so it seems that this could be related to Tagrisso. My oncologist has had one patient with similar pains (but not quite "nerve pain"). Anyway- I thought I would check and see if anyone else has encountered similar symptoms (I could not find anything in pub med or any case reports). I am having right foot pain- sometimes with pins and needles, other times a dull ache. I get some relief at night with neurontin and sometimes ambien to help with sleep. It then recurs during the day and I am getting to my wits end. Otherwise I am still working and getting through the day but it is getting harder and harder. 

Thanks in advance 


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Hello- I’m sure someone on Tagrisso will weigh in here..  I’m on a different targeted therapy and had success with Cymbalta 60mg, originally marketed for depression, turns out it’s far more effective for neuropathic pain.    Others take Claritin, the allergy medicine.  Oncologists aren’t great about side effect management so you may want to inquire if there’s a palliative care doc on staff- or ask the oncology pharmacist for guidance.   No need to tolerate the pain when there’s a solution out there… I also do acupuncture, it’s expensive but effective.  

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