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chemo starts april 1 (no joke) need advice

close to the edge

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Hi every body I go for my post op tomarrow and i am sure the surgeon is going to sign off on me. I continue to have lingering discomfort from the surgery. nerve damage but I am consulting with a pain management specialist on that. It is getting more tolerable every day. I have yet to have a pain free day. some days this has really draged my spirit down. but I accent the POSSITIVE!!!!I had my consult with the onc and we have decided to go with 3 rounds of chemo once a week for 3 weeks on one week off for 3 rounds using paraplatin/carboplatin and taxol/paclitaxel

before i went in for my surgery i asked for advice and you all were so helpfull so again i turn to you for help What can I do to help keep the side effects to a minimum? any advice would be greatly apreciaatled

many thanks in advance luv & light to all

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Well, first off you may not even have any side effects. I had very minor ones. Sometimes (I) think the more we know about side effects then we just might get them! It' nice to have some idea, but being POSITIVE and walking in the chemo room saying to yourself, "I'm going to do this with NO PROBLEMS". :wink: Sometimes mind over matter REALLY HELPS!

A very dear friend of mine (who is a lung cancer survivor) said, she NEVER reads the side effects of meds. That way she can't dwell on them.

I've learned to do the same thing. Just a thought.

EVERYONE is different in there treatments anyway. No one person is a like. So, I would say, put your PARTY hate on and go have a cancer killing party with your chemo.

When I did my chemo, I did learn that when they gave me my anti-nasuea meds first, if they gave them to me slowly, I didn't seem to get and upset tummy or anything. So, that's a suggestion for you. I have shared that with many others and they also come back and said, it really seemed to work.

You'll do FINE!!!!

Stay strong and think POSITIVE!!

Big Hugs,


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I also recommend pre medicating for nausea. Also if you're doing cisplatin or carboplatin, ask your dr about ethyol to protect your hearing. I had terrible pain from noise and other artifacts after the first round of chemo, but the dr offered me the ethyol (amifosdine) to prevent that for the rest of the chemos and it worked very well.

Good luck.

Bring a good book!!

and maybe a snuggly lap robe, afghan, or other blanket.

Take care,


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My onco ordered IV meds concurrent with my chemo too. It definitely worked for me. One thing I discovered.....it took a number different type anti-nausea oral meds to keep my nausea down. Zofran...Kytril....Decadron....and one new one that began with an 'A' I think. The usual treatment....'Phenergen'.....made me sicker...it didn't help. My husband made me mashed potatoes to munch on quite often.....and salty foods stayed down much better than others. I'd let potato chips melt on my tongue...And salty chicken broth was my best friend. Since my eyes have been adversely affected by my lung cancer....it was uncomfortable to read lengthy material. Most patients read during chemo infusion. During my treatments I used a portable DVD player to watch movies. Some of my sessions were 5-8 hrs long. My mind often got lost inside those movies and it helped me to get through those hard times. I wish you the very best. I'm sure you'll receive many ideas from others. You'll find what works for you and the support you'll receive here will shore up your spirits and you'll feel better about your personal journey through treatment.

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I was on carbo/taxol too. I had it once every 3 weeks, so my dose was stronger than you will get. They lower the dosage when they give it once a week, so your side effects may not be too bad. I got alot of premeds, steroids, benedryl (for allergic reaction), anti-nausea medication and I also requested something to calm me down, I think I got adavan all through the IV. I usually slept right through the 8 hour treatment.

Good luck, and hope your side effects are minimal.


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You might want to double check the path report and find out what is in it. Ask about the mitotic rate. If the mitotic rate happens to be low, the chemo probably won't work too well.

Chemo works on cells that divide fast. Do you have SCLC or NSCLC (adeno, squamous, etc)

Since you are 1A what is the rational for chemo?

The latest study shows I think a 5% increase for adjuvant chemo for early stage (not sure of the exact number).

I am not saying don't do chemo or do chemo, just that you might want to get more info.

Mhutch has a good point about ethyol as the other posters have good suggestions. I think this site has a lot of helpful info here.

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I just started a Carbo/Taxol regime today so I will let you know what side effects I have, if any.

I will have the Taxol once a week and the Carbo once very 3rd week. I had the carbo before and it really kicked my blood counts to the basement (ended up in hospital twice) so I am also starting Neupogen shots in the morning and I will have them every day.

Good luck with your treatment and I am praying for you!

God Bless,


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I can tell you that my mom had very little side effects. She had it every Tuesday for Six weeks. She drove herself to and form every treatment. She vomited once during the entire period, and we think it was because she took some meds on an empty stomach.

She was scared to death to start the Chemo, and it ended up being not half as bad as she was expecting.

She was tired, but there were no fevers, weight loss, hair loss or being sick. Mentally it was hard on her, she did seem to be very depressed. but I can say that physically she handled it amazingly.

I really hope you have the same good luck!


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