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Father has Stage IV LC


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I am new to the board. I already posted to "general" but think maybe I should post here? Sorry if anyone gets upset with duplication.

Hope I can get some insight. After many tests and an operation, my 77 year old dad was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer back in March. Since he was too weak for chemo , he began radiation April 4 and just finished his last treatment yesterday. He is so extremely exhausted. As of yesterday, my 18 year old son now carries my dad upstairs to bed at night since he has absolutely no strength. He has been told that some of his strength will come back in a few weeks. Can anyone tell me if this is really true? Both he and my mother are banking on what he's been told. I know the cancer is the core of his tiredness and shortness of breath. And I know the radiation is contributing. I am having a very difficult time seeing my dad dwindle down under 150 pounds. My mother is somewhat in denial. I try and help and offer suggestions but she takes it the wrong way and ends up not talking to me for several days.

I guess my main question is "what comes next"? We do know the radiation did shrink his tumor. However, he does have another spot on his other lung and a tumor on that side of his body. What does the radiation do? Did it just stump the growth of the tumor? Can the tumor grow more? Will he always be out of breath?

Any answers, insight, ANYTHING would greatly be appreciated. Also, let me know if I am posting to the wrong location. I am having a hard time finding a support group here in town so hopefully, this board will help me. Thanks anyone.


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Welcome to our board, wish you didn't have to be here.

My husband finished radiation April 18th. He was already TIRED from his previous treatments. He is still tired but each week he gets a little stronger. Make sure your Dad is getting enough nutrition.

Good luck

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When my mom started she got really fatigued too. Unfortunately this lasts a while. At least my moms did. The radiation tiredness stops usually about 2 weeks after the END of treatment. (At least that is what i have read.) Good luck. Don't let your mom get to you...she is scared and worried. Keep your patience with her. My father is responding the same way. I just keep making my suggestions, and thats all you can do and PRAY ALOT!

Good luck

I'll send some prayers up for you.

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Welcome Nancy,

Sorry about your father, but you have found a good group of people here. I've also had a hard time finding a support group in my area, as I sort of live out in the country, and didn't feel like driving for an hour to go to group, I've search the internet for online support groups. I've logged on a few, but the response was sometimes slower than I needed, and a lot of times very doom and gloom. This site has a lot of positive energy, and the best part is that there are people here who really understand the specific hardships and experiences of lung cancer. Most of the other sites were general grief or cancer sites.

As the others here have said, the fatigue is often one of the hardest symptoms of the cancer and the treatments to deal with. My husband has always been very active, but now is extremely fatigued. He forgets sometimes that he can't do the things he used to, and will start at something just to have to stop a few minutes later. Today he tried to mow the lawn. Now, we have about 3 feet of grass that is nice and short surrounded by some of the mangiest lawn you've ever seen.

Just try and get your father to eat, even when he isn't hungry and doesn't feel like he can. Make sure he drinks LOTS of water. Nutrition and hydration are so very important to keeping his strenght up.

I'll be praying for you,


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