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Freds Surgery for VCP


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Thank you everyone for your prayers and support during Freds Surgery (The Montgomery Procedure)

Well it was no simple operation as we were told, he had drainage tubes filling with blood from the neck for 3 days, was more congested than he has been since last September, and lots of pain. Went in feeling great came out beat up :x . I really wish they would have gone over everything a little more with him and told him he would wake up with drainage tubes and coughing blood and feeling awful, (Scared us) they just stresssed it was a little simple procedure. I know last time I had surgery they told me exactly what I would wake up to. Also they had said he would be able to talk immedately, well he sounds just like when he went in, now they say it takes some time. At this time he feels better,congestion is gone, swelling went down, and not much pain, but not so sure he is happy he had it done.(Maybe it was simple compared to a lot of others surgeries) Just Scarey !!!

I dropped off the films of the PET/Ct the onc wanted to see them, because the report wasn't so good, he said not to read too much into them. I know it says the lymph node in the r side is now twice as big as it was in Feb 3cm, and that he has a pneumonitis, could this be the pleural effusion they were seeing all along on the CT's?

I know on the report it says to follow up with CT scan, thought this PET CT showed us more, maybe too much more !


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Good to hear things are progressing, Rosemary. As far as being told ahead of time what to expect, nothing explained ahead of time comes near to the reality of experiencing it. When I had my heart bypass surgery, they explained I would wake up with a breathing tube down my throat. Well, I woke up and it was worse than I could have imagined. I beat on the bed (luckily they had my hands restrained because I in my doped up state probably would have tried to remove it) and motioned them to get that thing out. They put me under and the next time I woke up, the tube was gone. Scared Lucie and my kids when I woke up that first time and was fighting. Good luck, guys. Don

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With what Fred has been through I certainly hope that the end result is success.

I can't believe that the docs so this was so easy. I don't want to hear all the doom and gloom but don't act like it is getting your teeth cleaned.

Hope Fred is feeling better and talking better.


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