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Donna D.

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Sorry it took so long to post but trying to get back in the swing of things from being on vacation. Went to see the doctor on Tuesday, and everything looks pretty good. There is some very slow growth on hot spots, but, the doctor doesn't want to start aggressive treatment again until he thinks it will be more beneficial. At this point my husband feels good and is doing well and the doctor says we should build up and save strength for the future when it will be needed. He is pretty much in awe, as my husband is 20 months out from diagnosis with no major treatment since last summer. We have never heard directly from him what the statistical prognosis is/was and he told us in this visit, eight months. Thank you all who responded to my last post, and for all of the well wishes. Heres to 3 more months of maintenence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So glad to hear that your husband blew those stats right out the window. I'm also glad you have a 3-month vacation from treatments. My husb. is on one of those now, and almost 2 mos. since last chemo, he is really feeling very good. The breaks really do help to get strength back. I also think it helps because since my husb. will have to start back up in June, he will know that there's another break down the road and if he starts feeling bad from the next chemo, he will have something to look forward to. Hope your husb. and you really enjoy this break.

God bless you,


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Every break is good because it indicates that there was good news.

My husband was dx'd in 9/02 and is only on Iressa right now. Last news was that he is stable too.

Oh silly me, but I think the longer you live with this darn disease, the better the chances for living longer. Does that make sense? Our onc. said my husband had well behaved cancer.

Let's hope we can celebrate many anniversaries of their dx.


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