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Hello friends.

Today Bob had his second round of CPT-11 but they almost didn't give it to him because his platelets were lower still. Hemoglobin was at 7.2 and his platelets at 56,000!~ Yikes. They gave it to him anyways, and cut back some on the Camptosar. I'm concerned, because they started asking him questions to which Bob said "yes" to confusion, "yes" to dizziness when walking, equilibrium imbalance, forgetting and so on. So they've scheduled a brain CT scan with contrast for this Tuesday.

In one week he's lost ten pounds. But at least he's up now, the neuropathy, with a 50mg Duragesic patch has helped tremendously~ Heck, we don't know if it's the patch that's done it, the megadoses of vitamins or this nutritional supplement the nutritionist gave him for Pete Sake. Oh and then there's the Neurotin~ Who knows. Please continue to hole us in your prayers though. I'm not happy that they think he needs to have a brain CT scan done.



Husband diag. 12/3 w/Stage IV SCLC

Lung, primary; liver, secondary with mets to

spine, femur, etc.

13 doses of carbo/taxol, low platelets and then neuropathy

Switched to CPT-11 on 4/30, 2nd treatment today~

Brain CT scan scheduled for next Tuesday. Praying for stabilization of blood platelets and a negative CT scan!

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Hi Beth,

It sounds to me like Bob is doing pretty well thanks to one or all the meds you listed. "Whatever works!" :D Try not to worry about the brain scan - the confusion, dizziness, etc. could all be side effects of the chemo. It's a good thing they are checking it, though - that means you have thorough doctors. I would always rather they overtest than undertest.

I have already prayed for a clean brain scan and stable platelets.

God bless you,


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Worrying is of course part of waiting, but dont worry to much. Bob may just be having side effects. Be happy that Bob's doctors are being so cautious by giving the test, alot of doctors slack in that department.

Early detection of a problem is the fist and best treatment too, remember that.

Send Bob all of our best wishes, were pulling for him. Also don't forget to post those results!!!


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