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I am in the process of being accepted into a clinical trial to use Velcade, either alone or in conjuction with Taxotere. I just found out about this yesterday. I know it's being used to treat multiple myeloma. Does anyone out there have any information about any sucess rates using Velcade for nsclc or any information in general?


Diagnosed Sept. 2003 Stage IV nsclc

Initial shrinkage with Carbo/Taxol

Tumor started growing again per last 2 CAT scans

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Velcade is also called PS-341 or Bortezomib.

If you do a search on PS-341 you can find older articles and more info on how effective it was, but since it is a trial drug, I don't think you will find much

Make sure you ask if you at least get the standard treatment in both arms of the trial.

The article below shows a case where a tumor in the chest wall completely disappeared. CAVEAT: This is only one patient. The article mentioned another patient that had a good response. You may need to register to medscape to see this article


DISCLOSURE: I used to own stock in Millennium (the manufacturer of Velcade) but I don't have any now.

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Sorry I'm just making a reply. I'm new to the board. As you can see below, I've been through a phase I trail with Velcade. I had significant shrinkage in my tumors. The Velcade was administered on days 1, 4, 8 & 11. Carboplatin on day 1. Gemcitabine on days 1 & 8. Then, 10 days off and started again on 21 day cycle. CT's were given after every two cycles. There was no tumor shrinkage after cycle 4. I was a little nauseous the day following each intravenous injection of Velcade, but not real bad. Clinical trail was through U.C. Davis, California.

Good luck!

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