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Collapsed lung, fluid in body...


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Just wanted to check in to see if any of you have experienced this....my husband had been having horrible pain in his right shoulder for at least 1 week. We found out that he had fluid that had collapsed his lung - the fluid was surrounding the lung - not in it. Anyway, they drained 2 1/2 liters off of him yesterday. They x-rayed him again today and found there is still more fluid - the lung looks like it is MAYBE 1/2 full of air but that is being generous. Nurse says wait until Monday when we meet with the doctor. What's up with this? Has anyone experienced this? He is 1/2 way through chemo and completed radiation on 4/23. (The pain in his shoulder went completely away IMMEDIATELY after the fluid was drained.) Thanks.

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There are many on the board that have had fluid around the lung, but I'm not sure if there was lung collapse involved. Two that come to mind are MO_Sugar and TAnn... (Mo's on vacation, TAnn may be on...)

Hang on, you'll get answers...


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I had to have fluid drained from my plural cavity on two occasions. The fluid collects between the rib cage and the lung sack. It forms a bubble, which pushes the air out of the lung. When it reached a couple of liters it got me short of breath . After two thorocetesis drains the chemo slowed down the refill. It has been about three months and there is still residual plural effusions. I’m into brain irradiation for small mets and trying topotecan as second tier chemo. My experience with the constipation caused by the anti nausea and the steroid irritated nerves are very unpleasant. Last night after about 8 laxatives and days of pain ,the blockade exploded. I suspicion the oncologists sell as much anti nausea stuff as they dare because oncologists make the bulk of their income from trans-selling drugs. The side effects can be messy.

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MO is still here, lol. I have had fluid drained several times and yes, it does feel better right away. They can do a talc procedure if it becomes a big problem ( I get drained every month and a half or so). Ask the Dr. about it when you see him.

God Bless and best wishes,


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Geez, Joni, I am so sorry to hear that. Dave didn't have that problem. Well, after his chemo was done, he did have some fluid around his lung, we saw the pneumologist (sp?) for that, he didn't think it was enough to drain, and it eventually cleared up.

I hope this clears itself up. Anything like that is worrisome, but I think Robert will be OK, just something else to deal with for a while.

I will pray for a quick recovery.

God Bless you and Robert,

Karen C.

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