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Mid Atlantic -Wash DC gather....(II)


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What do all y'all think about August 21st? Maybe if we tip the map some of the cheeseheads would rolll that way and find themselves at our place...

Hoping the Chapmans would come ( admit it, David C is someone you wanna see up close and personal!! lol) and Hebbie, and Ginny and "the Duke", Gail, MurielK, Frank Lamb & Co., and closetotheedge, and maybe john...

Saturday from Midmorning until whenever pm..... I still have capacity to play vinyl as well as tapes and cds. Buffet style, maybe we can borrow a barbecue grill and turn some of the guys loose on it. Meet Sunday for brunch/lunch... at someplace nearby, whoever wants to go, or we could do the bagel and cold fruit routine...

I think it would be delightful to be able to give hugs to the people I've been cheering on all along, and this event would make some great photos for the book, eh, Rick?


Enjoy your holiday weekend.


Prayers, always,


PS And for those suspicious, I do not look like Happy the bassett, I do not even own Happy the basset. I do not have three heads, or eight arms, nor am I green by day and fluorescent by night. I do not scare small children with a single glance. If I ever get a photo taken (this event would blow my excuse, eh?) I will implore Rick to post it, as long as he puts Happy back again. (I like Happy's attiude.... ears flapping in the breeze, straining bugs through his teeth....)

ahem. I ramble. .

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You got me (and very hopefully the Duke), you name the date, the time, the place and whatever covered dish or salad or alcoholic drink or non alcoholic drink or all of the above. I wouldn't miss meeting you all for anything. You have all become my friends.


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Ok, it looks like a duel, Mid Atlantic against the far reaches of the Mid West.

I am up for any time of the year, but you are right early fall may be better, mid to late September. Or we could maybe see about renting a small conference type room in an air conditioned motel/hotel. We could do this anytime and the people needing to stay overnight would be right there.

Any opinions?

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Hey, y'all,

David & Karen have taken Faith on her first trip to the beach this weekend, so they'll see this when they get back. I suspect they'll want in on the party, and it also sounds like a great reason for me to fly to DC and see them and my sister & her family. Like Katie said, as long as I have time to plan and save for it, I'll be there! (as my grandmother would say, "with bells on!")


P.S. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and yes, let's remember all those who fought for our country, and those who are serving now.

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It's time to move this to the top - and above the Michiganders - again. August or Sept. would be fine with us. I agree the weather is much nicer in Sept., but if we don't have to be outside, maybe it doesn't really make a difference. I do know that I have a lot of trouble with heat/humidity. Does anyone involved have school-age children and should that be considered as we pick a date?

We had such a wonderful time cleaning the screened-in porch - preparing for painters - yesterday, that I can hardly wait to see what today's plans include.


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Ok, hopefully moving it to the top.

August 21 works for us. I've penciled it in on our calendar. We are going to Glacier National Park for a big family vacation the week before, returning August 7, so I hope it's not too much traveling for Dave so close together. We're meeting Dave's whole family up there, including our very own BeckyCW, for a little reunion, they lived up there when Dave was a kid.

We'd have to move well into October to avoid the humidity, but that is a real issue we can be flexible I think.

We had an AWESOME time in Hatteras this past weekend. Dave did great (although definitely not his full energy yet) and it was great for Faith, she got sooo independent at the campground, which suited me just fine! She went barefoot the entire time and never clinged or wanted to be carried. She either rode in her red wagon everywhere or walked, usually walking our fat 13 year old dog, Maddy, which she called My Manny as she was clinging to the leash.

Mary Ann - thanks for organizing this!

Karen C.

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