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Mom is having a transfusion today


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Well, things can sure happen quickly in the battle against this stupid disease. My mom all of sudden started feeling really tired, and punky, still in great spirits though!! :D

She went to the Dr. yesterday for her procrit and she had a 7 count on her hemoglobin...(SP?) So, they are giving her a transfusion today, they say it really helps with energy.

Does anyone know why the hemoglobin gets low, is she bleeding somewhere or is it just from Chemo, cancer etc...? I'm so confused. Any response would be greatly appreciated. PRAYERS FOR ALL and lots of new love. Thanks.


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Hi Fresca,

When i was on my last round of chemo, i had to have a transfusion as well; i was feeling very weak; after the transfusion felt better immediately. also, i had weekly procrit shots for my hemoglobin which was around the 6 level and eventually got to be around 13 or so(i think 11 to 15 is normal). I think the chemo kills the red blood cells just as it kills the cancer cells, it doesn't discriminate. tell your mom the transfusion will help her feel better. also, if she can tolerate it, to eat alot of red meat, spinach, even some red wine to build up her blood. :wink: (if it doesn't conflict with meds she might be on.) God bless.

Joan C.

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Hi Rana,

Joan is right. The chemo can not tell the difference between cancer cells and healthy cells. Chemo attacks any cells that are rapid replicating cells. Those include White blood cells, red blood cells, the stomach and intestinal lining, semen, tissues in the mouth, bone marrow, etc....

Low red blood cells is one of the leading causes of fatigue from chemo. Anything your mom can stomach that boost red blood cell production is recommended. Foods high in iron support red blood cell production (spinach, liver is really good for you, red meat, green leafy veggies) and as always, drink plenty of water.

The transfusion should really help her, almost immediately she should feel a whole lot better. Maybe not 100%, but much better.

Will be praying for you and mom,

God Bless,


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Hugh had his first transfusion last Friday, everyone on this board told me it wasn't bad the last time we were thinking about having one which helped us make the decision Friday when his count was 6.9 I was so scared!

It was pretty routine, Hugh sat in a recliner and watched TV and ate lunch while having it. Hugh has felt better since the transfusion than he has since he began chemo. He mowed the lawn last weekend, planted flowers, built a flower box yesterday and repaired some plumbing in the basement. We went out Tuesday to the races and he wasn't even tired the next day. I think he would have another one in a minute if his counts get low again.

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