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Twenty years ago an african-american woman was living in a poor to working class neighbor hood here in San Diego. While she and her husband were fairly well off financially, many who lived around her were not. She noticed, one Christmas, that many of those folks weren't able to afford a nice Christmas dinner. So, being the type of woman she was, this lady bought a few extra turkeys, went around the neighborhood and got a few extra side dishes from those that COULD aford it, and invited the whole neighborhood over for a Christmas dinner which turned out to be a big success.

Well, as will happen, the word spread and this lady decided to do the same thing the next year, and the next, and the next ... for 20 years! The dinner grew well past her ability to do it on her own, financially as well as physically, but somehow it always got done. They needed a place, after awhile, to hold the dinner (her yard and house being WAY too small by this time) and had no idea how they would do it. Well, the Boy's and Girl's Club in the area came through with a place. Each year it seemed like they wouldn't have enough food, but like the multitude being feed by 5 loaves of bread, no body ever showed up and went away hungry.

Maxine Wilson passed away Sunday after a long bout with lung cancer. I never had the chance to meet her myself. But I will miss her.


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