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Silver Doors

Mr Ry

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An Amish woman and her son are walking through a mall for the first time, totally stunned by everything they see.

They are especially fascinated by two silver walls which slide together and then apart.

They both walk up closer to the sliding silver walls. They see a fat, little old man waddle inside and watch as the doors close behind him.

The mother and son can't believe their eyes when minutes later, the silver doors open and a tall, well-built stud strides out.

The mother then turns to the son and says, "Son, go and get your father."

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We have to give them one once in a while. Besides, I would step through those silver doors if I came out a tall well built stud. Well I am tall, but not well built, and as far as the stud part I can't make that call.

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Ahhh...but a smart girl would know that the older man probably had his house paid for and money in his pocket where the "stud" would be more interested in HIS appearance and what particular "arm candy" he's seen with and just more trouble than he's worth....why, the price of the hair care products alone! :roll:

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