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Long List of MIA

Connie B

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Okay, we have a very long list of MIA's out there. Most of you know who you are. My memory isn't the best, but I try and name a few.



Rosemary (Roseymac)(husband Fred)


Grumpy One Lunger

Roseanne (Gianni's wife)

Who else? Help me out here family and add to this list of MIA's.

Hope to hear from everyone real soon.

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I have been lurking everyday. I've been busy setting up a foundation in Gianni's name and setting up a walk for September 18. I am also getting ready to go to Italy to visit Gianni's sisters for a month. My son, daughter, girlfriend, and two neices are meeting me in July.

I visit the site daily but am not very good about writing. I still think of you guys all the time and like to keep up with what's going on with you.


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