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Prayers Please


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Hi everyone,

I am asking a special prayer for my mom, as she goes through here second Taxotere treatment today. Some of you know that she had a really really rough time with it last time. :( Last night she couldn't eat or anything, I don't know if it was nerves or what. I am really concerned for her right now. She also had a brain scan done, and I am SO praying theres nothing there.

I know we all are going through this he** ride together, and it helps to talk and vent. I just feel I can't take it anymore. I am the mom of 5 kids and I work fulltime, and I'm trying to help my mom by going over there cleaning her house once a week and grocery shopping, and just making sure she is okay when my dad is at work. (He works the swing shift). My house and family are falling apart. My nerves are shot, and I yell at my family all the time.

WOW!! Listen to me ramble. There really is no reason for me to complain, i am not the one who is sick and going throught this living He**!!! Thank you for listening.


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Rana, when one member of the family has cancer, the whole family has cancer. So vent already! It's okay! You have a lot on your plate. I pray you the strength to learn what you can do and do it, and what you can't do and let it go. Much love and support here. Don

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Dear Rana,

I don't think it's unusual for your Mom to be getting nervous before her chemo treatments. I think that happens to a lot of people. There are medications for anxiety that would help her. Talk to her oncologist about a prescription.

I think it sounds like you're doing so much for your Mother and your children. You are in a really tough position right now. Any chance of getting some outside help--your Mom's friends, or church??? Just wondering.

Take care. I am thinking of you.


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I will defeintely ask god to watch over your mom tonight when I have my nightly discussions with him.

I can so relate to you. I am going through it with mom too. What sucks the most is there could be a small good sign and you think you hit the lottery of luck, then the smallest tiniest set back hite, like she seems more tired than usual or she cant keep a certain food down and everything shatters again.

Its like that daily with me too. I sometimes wonder why i am not walking off the bridge peir or just driving my car into a wall to end my suffering and like I said I am only the caregiver as well. But somehow these people here have tought me to tie a knot it the rope I'd rather hang myself with and just hang there until I can move up agian out of this depression.

I have to vent here as well just to get through the next minute.

I will pray very hard tonight so that we all can see 1 good day across the whole board. wouldnt that be great...

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Dear Rana;

You say what ever you need to !!, wanna vent, then vent!! :x:x ; It's OK, as Don put it, cancer affects the family, know your not alone,

My thoughts and prayers will be with you, your mom and family.

God bless and be well

Bobmc - NSCLC- stage IIB- left pneumonectomy - 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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You guys are the BEST MOST WONDERFUL people I know. I say that truely from my heart. I am BLESSED to have found you all. THank you for your words of encouragement, and you prayers. I think they worked, because she was doing much better after chemo yesterday then last time. I mean ALOT Better.

THey are FINALLY going to spot treat the Met on her head (under the skin, it looks like a giant golf ball on top of her forehead) with radiation. FINALLY!!! We have been waiting for that forever. As of yesterday morning too, her hair is officially falling out by the handfulls, (Hair must have gotten scared of the next treatment too :) ). I know this sounds bad of me to say, but it seems to me, the last chemo she had, her hair didn't fall out, and she got sick very very little, and the cancer spread. This one, her hair is falling out and she isn't feeling well, maybe its working better this time. (I HOPE SO!!) The Dr. says that chemo kills fast growing cells, and hair is a fast growing cell too, so maybe the first round of chemo didn't do anything, including kill her hair cells? MAKE SENSE? I hope so.

Friends, I feel I can truely call all of you that. THANK YOU! I can't go through this alone anymore, and I am truely glad I found you. My husband is working all the time, and I feel SO ALone, until you guys.

Okay enough stroking, and complaining, (ALL IN ONE< I am truely amazing....) :D:D

Hugs to all , and know too, I am praying for each and everyone of you and your families, to my new friends.


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Dont worry, you dont yell like I yell. I left my daughter's Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony crying and sobbing, because I couldnt stop, I knew I shouldnt be doing it, but couldnt help it, then felt guilty for spoiling her day. :cry:

Try to remember all the prayers going up from this board. Keep us posted. :D

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