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The beast got my paralegal.....


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in the form of colon cancer with mets to liver :( We just found out today. Please keep her in your prayers. She is only 52.

I found out that she had been complaining about stool problems to the receptionist for 2 months and spotting to a secretary recently. However, this woman is a Christian Scientist and does not believe in medical treatment. When my mom was diagnosed she told me "go to dr to dr until one says it is not cancer" and she was serious.

Two weeks ago she suddeny had profuse rectal bleeding, went to ER, and it all started, with official diagnosis today and she is starting chemo tomorrow. This woman has NO insurance as she refused it due to her beliefs.

I am soooo angry at this disease b/c she is only 52, but I can'thelp but wonder if she had regular checkups if this could have been caught sooner. We will never know. All I can offer her is prayers. :( I hate cancer.

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Shortly after John was diagnosed an old friend of ours was diagnosed with colon cancer that had gone to his liver. He was not given much hope but went for a second opinion and ended up having a port put in that went directly to his liver sending chemo directly to that organ. He wears something that holds the chemo and goes in periodically to have it re-filled. I'm not sure if it's a pump. He has been doing this for about 2 years and seems to be doing well.


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