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Back from Texas...

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Hello friends,

We returned from Houston (MD Anderson) last night. It was so good to be home and see our son! The week was exhausting.

We met with an oncologist who said to continue on Iressa. We needed to see if it would work before trying anything else. If Iressa doesn't seem to be working, we'll go back there and get something else. If Iressa works we will just stay put here.

In regards to the chest tube (he's had it 4 weeks) the oncologist sent us to a pulmonary doc because he said the chest tube area was infected and there also appeared to be an infections on his right side lower. The skin was red and warm to the touch. They pulled his chest tube and put him on antibiotics. We're still apprehensive though about them pulling the chest tube because he was still draining 400 ml per day! They say it has to be down to 30 per day - we're way off from that. Anyway, we're suppose to watch, wait and see. If fluid builds up we're suppose to get in a Denver Catheder. Robert wants to go back to Houston and have it done. Id rather have it done here but he's the boss on this and gets to do whatever he feels is best and is comfortable with.

I'm not sure what I feel like we accomplished in Houston honestly. They never checked the pathology slides that we brought them. I thought they would do that and we'd see (make sure) that the results were correct, I mean isn't that the point of a second opinion. NO one else seems to think that is a big deal. Hello....why would they request them if they weren't going to give us the results? I'm seriously considering having them sent to an independant lab and read.

I missed "talking" to you all. I was able to log in while in Houston but I couldn't remember my pass word. I was able to read but not respond.

Take care!

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I guess we forgot that you were away and you were missed. As much as I am the data gatherer, it is always Earl that makes the decisions about his care and treatment.

I am sorry you didn't feel you got a complete 'job' and MDA but I often feel that way after we have left the doctors. I guess I want them to say, 'Okay, you are all better, go home and have a wonderful life.'

Hope that Robert doesn't need the chest tube again, that was the worst for Earl. He was cold all the time and the dr. said because you lose so much body heat from where the tube is inserted.

Glad you are back.

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Welcome back. Did you request a hall pass that we forgot about? Ry may fine you if not! :)

I am sorry that MDA was not more helpful. Sometimes I think that the drs see it all the time and just lack compassion. It is sort of like a factory for them. I hope you don't have to go back and the Iressa works!

As for the chest tube, if he leaks a night, put some depends or something like that down on the bed to sleep on top of. My mom leaked a lot after her surgery and had to do that.

How is your son doing? How are you holding up?

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Welome Back Joni.

I have been popping in only occasionaly these days and so missed the fact that you have been away.

I do hope that the doctors can get Robert feeling comfortable again soon regardless of what they decide to do for him.

I wish that Dave would make his own decisions regarding treatment. I sometimes feel I am carrying a heavy load here. Oh Well, everyone is different and we just have to make the best of things.

Prayers and positive thoughts,


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Welcome Home!

I am still a little confused ab out Robert's DX, and sorry to hear you really haven't had that all cleared up either.

I am also shocked to see that Iressa is being given as a first line chemo? Is that what I am reading in your profile? Has he had other chemo?

Well, now that I have quizzed you, lol, I also want to say I hope there are no more chest tubes in the future and that Iressa works wonders.


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