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Muscle Aches -- does this go with chemo????


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My husband is on Celebrex, 400mg twice a day. He started it when he was on Carbo/Taxol since a side effect of Taxol is joint pain. He started the Celebrex before his first treatment, so he never had a joint pain.

He continues on the Celebrex because there are studies that indicate that Celebrex may by an anti cancer medicine.

Might ask your doctor.

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Just to chime in with Ginny's post...I had muscle/joint pain throughout chemo and even off chemo, but since starting on 400mg of Celebrex, I'm home free in that area...plus I'm hoping the off-label use is also working for me. I hope the Iressa works!


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Oh, yes, and it continues for me after chemo!!!!! I am allergic to sulfa, which is a component of Celebrex, so I take Vioxx and it is a cox 2 inhibitor as well, so I'm hoping for double benefits, of course.

Just my theory here, but I think chemo ages us to a certain extent, and that aches and pains stuff is a side effect.

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I had terrible joint pain too when I was on the chemo. It seems to come with the wonderful combination. My arms and legs would just ache kinda like I a tooth ache feels. Mine went away after I was off the chemo for a while but every once in a while I still get it-just not so bad.

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