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My mom's update & some questions...


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I just got to work, after spending all night in the ER with my mom. She was having excruciating pain near her sternum and was experiencing a lot of pain upon breathing. My dear mom went on O2 last week and banged herself very hard in the chest with the canister. Then she decided to use that machine you get when in hospital, to improve your lung capacity and strained herself. So, last night she had had it and went to the ER. The lovely PA decided to be doom and gloom and blame the pain on the cancer. :evil: We just cannot get a break! As you all know, watching a loved one suffer is one of the hardest things to do.

I got an update from my Dad this morning and the onc fellow believes it is not the cancer, but possibly muscle strain or bruising. They are keeping her for a couple of days to regulate her pain meds and to monitor her.

I thank God for our blessings, we had the nicest and most compassionate nurse and doctor last night, truly two of God's angels on earth.

A few quick questions re: my moms breathing. Once on O2, will she always be on O2? She does have some fluid in her lungs, when is it determined if it should be taken out? And finally, can the nebulizer treatments that the pulm doc has given my mom been done on a long-term basis? Benefits of that?



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I'm sorry your Mom is going though such a rough time, and I hope she is feeling better soon.

My Mom also had Lung Cancer. She had a portable nebulizer that she used at home. The breathing treatments helped to keep the airways open, and she was on them long term. If I recall correctly she did them about every 8 hours. The side effects for my Mother were rapid heart rate and the shakes, but she said that this was preferable to her over the shortness of breath she felt without the inhaled treatments.

I've known lots of folks who go on Oxygen, then go off of it. Some folks need it for times when they are more physically active, or when they sleep, but are able to stay off of it the rest of the day. It just depends upon a person's oxygen saturation levels at any given time. Sometimes mine will drop for no identifiable reason. The level will be in the mid to high 90s, then drop to the low 80s, and all I'm doing is sitting there. Go figure.

Please tell your Mom that being on Oxygen isn't the worst thing in the world.

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When I get a respiratory infection I often need to resort to the nebulizer, and they have given me a slightly different medication from the albuterol, called xopenex, that is a little more expensive (my ins covers it) but lets you not shake.

I only use the nebulizer when I 'need' it, but can use it up to every four hours.

Hope your mom feels better soon.

I get all kinds of aches and pains to the chest, that are apparently nothing. Like an old house settling for the evening..... :)


Prayers, always


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


I've seen and heard of a number of people who have been put on oxygen but return to "the new normal" without it.

I'll say prayers for your mom and for your whole family.

That PA should be shot. :evil:


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