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Coughing Up Blood


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My brother called tonight and my dad has been coughing up blood the last day or so. I've read about people coughing up yellow and green mucous, but I don't know what blood means.

Is it infection or is it the cancer? Or something else?

He is not on any medications except Zoloft and Pepcid. He has not had any chemotherapy, only WBR.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome. We just can't drag him back to a hospital unless it's acute and needs immediate attention. He was gone for more than 3 months, and he's only been home for 5 days. He's not in any pain and he's not having any difficulty breathing.



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I've heard coughing up blood coming from radiation treatment to the chest, fine needle biopsy, sinus infection, gastrointestinal problems......

From here, they why is impossible to tell. But I think it a good idea to give his doc, a ring, describe it in detail (how much at one time, is it frothy or mixed with sputum).

Let the doc decide.


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Dear bean_si, so sorry to read about your report. Please keep swimming; your posts have always been so helpful and positive. Perhaps this is a time to concentrate on non-orthodox treatment like IP6, curcumin, caesium etc.

Best wishes, Karel.

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When talking to the doctor, you will need to tell them what color the blood is - bright red or dark red. I would definitely call the doctor - and if you can't reach him/her, call the ER and ask. I'm sure they could do a triage over the phone (and no claim on the insurance for that)...

If his doctor didn't warn of that possibility when sending him home, I'd question it (not the doctor, the coughing)... If it was something that was mentioned as "normal", how much is "normal" and when is a caregiver to get alarmed?

(Personally, blood from ANYWHERE is disconcerting...)

Take care,


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I have coughed up blood twice in the past 2 months and went to ER both times.Both times was early in the morning and a bright red blood that only lasted for a few coughs.Both times turned out to be bronchitis which was treated with antibiotics and the bleeding stopped within a day or two.My onccologist insists that any bleeding while on chemo should be either seen by him or by ER in the case he is not available.Many things can cause it.Praying for us all.TBone

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