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Hi everyone, my dad is in the hospital tonight with no white cells!!! One week after getting chemo called cyclophosphamide. Please pray for mydad and mom. they put a bed in the room for my mom. Shes is very sick. ust getting over shingles it is so hard watching them they have been maried for 50 years. I have been coming to this site since feb.. i feel i know many of you and love this site. I am babling now since it is 1:02 am. Goodnight

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Hi everyone thanks for all your input. Dad is staying stable. they did a blood transfusion today. I want to bring him something tomorrow to cheer him up any ideas.... One of the nurses gave him a little fish looked like nemo the last time he was in. He almost starting crying. it breaks my heart. I am leaving for home in NC sat. i have been here for 2 weeks. my husband will be here wednesday. will be back in a few weeks depending how things go. I am praying for you all. Susan

SCLC Extensive 2/12/04

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