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There is few hours to my birthday. I am terribly saddened bcoz dad --- who gave birth to me, who grew me up, was not here to celebrate my birthday. Birthday itself is not meaningful to me. But birthday instead, remind me that there is many years ahead I will not have him with me. It is too early for my dad to die. I know maybe God -- the potter (refer to the story Jane posted) knows my dad worked so hard that he should get rest in His arm that he does not need to bear us. But, this is truly not my dad's wish and ours. My dad would prefer to suffer in earth for more years for he wanted to live for more years, to witness our success, to witness the birth of his grandchildren.

Birthday actually has another meaning, to celebrate with the parents and thank you for their efforts and love to grow us. It is really a pity that my dad cannot get his reward from me. I cannot pay back. :(:(

My heart is shedding tears for you. I miss you dad.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Berisa, I think your dad will be with you even though you can't see him. I know it makes you sad that you can't see him. I'm sorry about that. He loves you very much.


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Dear Berisa,

I agree about birthdays. On my 40th I sent my Mom flowers and thanked her for my birth. Your Dad is watching over and is with you now and on every occasion. He loves you even in Heaven and he knows you love him.

God Bless you and Happy Birthday,


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