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tbone bobmac grumpy one lung?


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Has anyone got an update on any of these people? They seem to have disappeared for a while. I had hoped someone in tbone's family would let us know how he is doing and if he is home yet.

There are a few others that seem to be missing in action as well. Remember a few months ago there was a young woman who lives in Spain who was grieving her husband? Her name was Batina and she was very depressed the last time she posted. I am very concerned about her.

There was also a young man who was caring for his dad. I really hate that I don't remember his name but I'm pretty sure he was just 18.

There are several others that we haven't heard much from lately and it is my nature to worry about family and isn't that what all of us are here?

So if any of you read this please let us know how you are. If you have any news on any of the other MIAs please update us.

As always my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Lillian

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I e-mailed TBone's sister, TeeTaa about three days ago. I haven't got a reply. She ALWAYS e-mails me back within the same day that I send her mail. I hope that TBone is doing o.k.

They are all in my prayers~~~~


UPDATE: I just checked my PM's. The PM that I sent to TeeTaa was still sitting in my "outbox" instead of the "sent box".??? Wonder why it wasn't sent??? I e-mailed her again. Maybe this one will go through.

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Well I guess I spoke too soon. I got a PM from Grumpy One Lung's son saying he is in the hospital and won't be out until at least Monday. Poor guy is gonna miss the fun Saturday. Get well soon Grumpy!


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Good Morning, All;

TeeTaa has been down in Columbus since Tuesday so has not had access to her e-mail.

Just talked to her this morning. He had a good night and was wanting a whirlpool so she called Ann to come on back early. There are some things that a sister just cannot help with. :lol:

He's hopefully going home today but I will keep y'all posted. Katha will probably come home to Atlanta Sunday as her daughter has tonsilectomy/adenoidectomy Monday morning. Ginger is going home today after seeing about me for a couple of days after minor surgery. Luckily, we are a big family and can spread ourselves out.

Y'all take care,


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Angie and Betty,

Items in the "outbox" have not been sent out yet (at least, not correctly). Items in the "sent" have been sent out and may or may not have been opened by the recipient (there is no way of telling unless you use the protocol for having the message acknowledged).

Just wanted to correct an apparent misunderstanding of what the darn machine is up to.

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