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Shoulder Pain


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I continue to hear of pain in the left shoulder area. What have you all been told about this?? I had a bone scan before attending the Mi Bash & it was clean. Still have pain in the area, feel like I should buy stock in Motrin!!! I don't want to freak out for every pain but it has been going on for at least a month. Any ideas??


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My husbands first bone scans didn't show anything, but cancer is wierd. It can hurt before it will show up on a scan. then all at once it will start hurting. Radiation works great for the pain, but it takes a few days before you feel it. Get it checked out asap so you won't have to be in pain long. Bone pain is the worst thing in the world! Good luck to you and God be with you also. :)


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Gee, I don't know. I can sympathize for sure. I've had some horrible mid back and shoulder pain, almost unbearable. It stopped after I began taking anti-inflammatory supplements on a regular basis (zyflamend, curcumin). When I stop for a day or two, the pain returns.

I'd think if the bone scan was clean that's a very good sign. Maybe it's deep muscle pain from tension. I've been told that there is a nerve (path) that goes from the inner front of the shoulder to the back and when we sit long at a computer, etc., it gets inflamed and causes terrible pain. Of course, you should call your doc.


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I had terrible right shoulder pain (under my shoulder blade) for about a month before my diagnosis....it disappeared after the 1st round of chemo, and my onc said it was a symptom of lc. So, it appears that yours is opposite of mine....a clear bone scan is encouraging, but I would still contact my doc ASAP, especially since it's been going on this long.

Good luck......Mary

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I've had shoulder pain since December - left shoulder. The pain is in the "socket" and worse in the morning. In December, my GP gave me a prescription for Vioxx. IF I remember to take it at night, it seems to help.

I had a bone scan and the shoulder shows up in my CT scans - clear. I've noticed that if I've been "lazy", the pain is worse, and to some degree, if I've worked with my shoulder during the day (but not TOO much) it isn't as bad. Almost like it's rusted up and the "oil" needs to be worked through.

I've wondered if it's the way I'm sleeping (but if that were it, I'd have to be sleeping with my feet in the air and ALL my weight on that point)... I've noticed stiffness in my lower back and shoulder area since the pain of surgery finally went away.

Hope you find relief soon!


PS Oh yeah, weather change doesn't help, either...

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Radiated tissue can tighten and pull, causing muscle pain and nerve pain as well.

about eighteen months ago I had very bad back pain, and was concerned about recurrence. Surgeon was concerned and had neurologist look at it. Couldn't evaluate it all due to some numb regions from surgery, but the thinking was, the tissue tightening from the radiation afterefects ( fibrotic tissue ) was pulling on tissue so it pushed on a nerve. Thought it was definitely nerve pain, and prescribed a nerve pain med for that. Plus, nerves regrowing at about a mm a day, and connections of nerve and blood regrowing around where the cancer used to be....

By all means have it checked out to your and your doctor's satisfaction.

Highly likely in light of all your test results so far that it isn't more cancer, but have it checked for peace of mind, and maybe a prescription for the kind of pain it is.


Prayers always


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