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Guest Phyllis

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Guest Phyllis

I am about to go rest and drink gaterade and ensure, etc. but I just had to tell ya'll this. While I was in the hospital they wanted to do an MRI. I have never had one before. Right before it though they gave me Adivan IV. Boy was I a happy camper. I think I was tripping. If I was that was great. I swear when I got down there I thought that this was such an awesome place with all of this gothic furnishing. I thought the doctor was this long haired hippie looking guy. I thought the MRI was this fur lined machine with flowers painted on the fur. I was flying through the whole thing. It was great. Of course once I told them how happy I was they stopped giving me Adivan IV. You guys have just got to try it. I slept great too. Now I am going to bed. Goodnight.

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