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Hi -Saw neurologist last week and after test the numbness i have on the left side of rib cage which was spreading was told it was damage to nerves from when the chest tube was put in may come back some ut unlikely. Had bone scan and pet scan have to wait for 10 days before seeing oncologist all this waiting for results is just awful. days just don;t pass fast enough.How do you manage to stay sane? well thanks for listening. carlton

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Oh Carlton :( ,

I wish I knew of some way to make the wait seem easier. I liked Katie's response..."Medication". I really think the waiting for answers and results is one of the harder parts of all this. Currently my husband and I are waiting to find out whether the first two rounds of chemo he received are having any effect. It will have been 3 weeks from the date of his last treatment before we get the answers (June 19th).

I think all the people around me would testify that I have gone certifiably insane. I lie in bed at night listening to my husband breath and try to ascertain from that whether or not he seems better or worse. Monday night, he slept peacefully through the night, so I told myself the chemo must have helped. Last night I cried for about an hour because Keith had night sweats, and since that was a symptom they asked us about during the diagnosis process, I was sure it meant the cancer was growing.

Ok, I'm not a doctor, and I know I won't be able to tell anything by looking at him. Heck, neither one of us ever knew he was sick, and the diagnosis came as a shock to us, so why do I think I will be able to see anything now. :roll:

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is. I understand the madness you are going through, and although I have no advice on how to make it bareable I can offer you my prayers that you hold on to a small thread of your mental bearings, and that the time quickens for you until you get to hear some good test results.

God Bless,


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I, too, have nerve damage pain; it's been over a year since the surgery, and I'm sorry to report it's no better, but it is certainly something I can live with, especially considering the alternatives! The waiting truly sucks, no question! I'll be praying for GOOD news.

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Carlton, I too like Tiny had surgery 2/02 and still have nerve pain. The good thing is that it changes and moves around. I'm hoping it will move right out of me.

Waiting for scan results: I schedule my test and also schedule onc's appt 3 days later (just to be on the safe side. Most scans are read the same day) Three days are not bad. I rarely even think about it. 10 days is just ridiculous. See if they can do a tad better at scheduling.


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