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Thanks John. It's particularly interesting to me because I was diagnosed with LC exactly 2 years after being put on hormone replacement therapy after a total hysterectomy. I've always kinda wondered if these two things were related.


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There actually have been some studies that say there are no correlation between the two and other studies that say there is a connection.

I guess more studies and time will hopefully tell. But I hope there may be a connection and with it a successful therapy.

My mom was on HRT and a never smoker.

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HMMMMMM, this is another interesting theory. I will always believe that having radiation treatment for my breast cancer somehow had something to do with developing a lung tumor in the same area 2 years later.

This tamoxifen connection is another interesting situation. In my case, I had been on tamoxifen for about 2 years when the lung thing developed. I am still on it and will be moving to another drug in November.

All of this is really troubling--wish there were some answers......

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Haven't had the lung tumor tested for ER+ or not......I figure that as long as I remain vigilent and try to keep one step ahead at all times, there isn't really a point to the ER+ test. I was told though by my gynecologist that I better not let that 50th year pass me by without a colonoscopy, given the glandular nature of both of my tumors thus far.

HRT is and always will be totally out of the question for me, since I've had the breast cancer. That's ok, I'm two years now into menopause, and while it hasn't been fun with the hot flashes and night sweats, it seems to be waning a lot recently.

I did e-mail these people in PA with my particulars regarding tamoxifen and lung tumors and they replied quite promptly and said they found no connection between the tamoxifen and the development of lung tumors.

Either way, tamoxifen is gone in November for me, and I will be moving on to another drug, Arimidex, which is better and newer and doesn't have those bad side effects of tamoxifen. It has side effects all of its own, but much more manageable than new cancers, blood clots, etc.....

Thanks for your interest though....it's always good to hear another person's thoughts.


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Great, just great.....

Chemo put me into what we thought was permanent menopause, but just found out at the end of July, that my body has healed from the chemo and my monthly cycles have returned. The gyno-oncologist put me on birth control pills to regulate me since it's been 1 year and 2 months since having a cycle.

Now I'm wondering if I should get off them??????

My next CT scan is beginning of Sept. Hope the news is still good and this hasn't caused the tumor to grow!


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I was on "The Pill" when the cancer was diagnosed. It was one of the first things stopped (read the small printed package insert and see if it mentions not using it if "some cancers" are present...) due to a higher possibility of blood clots in the legs (DVT).

So now, there's no controlling anything, too many drugs, too many malfunctioning organs that have pull on "the cycle" and it's ALWAYS a surprise...NEVER a really welcome one, either. :roll:

Will have to keep an eye on all this research...

....and hey, the news wasn't all bad, your body has HEALED! Waaa-hooo!

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