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REPOSTING: Join Our Card Circle

Connie B

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Hello All,

I am in the PROCESS of Updating our CARD CIRCLE LIST.

I would like to encourage those that are not on the list to receive a card of encouragement or just a thinking of you card, to consider joining our list. The members on this list are members of the LCSC Board and have been for some time. These are friends and people you know, trust and see post often to the board.

Your names and addresses are NOT sold or given to (ANYONE) outside the card circle.

If you wish to RECEIVE a Card from our Wonderful Card Circle Friends, please Email me your name and address and in the Subject Line please write (Card Circle) at: morcon@mouseplay.com

If you have been a member of LCSC for at least ONE YEAR, you may also wish to be a Card Circle Sender, and again, you can Email me or PM me if you are interested in doing so.

I will Update this list on Oct 15th, in hopes of giving everyone enough time to join our card lists. Although you can join at anytime!

I also wish to mention that if you wish to be removed from either the Card Receiver List, or the Card Sender list, please let me know as well.

I wish to THANK ALL those that are Card Sender Volunteer's for all the wonderful, kind, caring, supportive, cards they send to members in need. THANK YOU!

I hope to see some new members join our Card Lists.

Wishing you All a GOOD DAY!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

Connie B.


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Hi Karen,

I'm working on putting together a new list. We have several new members that are joining our wonderful list. :) As soon as everyone that wishes to join the list joins, I will send it out. I'm so glad to hear that the cards are helping along this journey. I know when I was having surgery last year, I sure have to say, those cards really lifted my spirits.

God Love the Card Senders!



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