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Update from Jen - Thanks for the emails


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Dear Everybody,

Thanks for the emails. I guess my inactivity was noticed. I am okay.

I found myself getting very depressed from the board. A few great people died or had relapses. It makes me very upset and scared.

I also posted w/ questions as I was learning. I have not had as many questions so the posts decreased/stopped. I also feel I have little to offer those that need support as I am new to all of this. I hope I can be a better support later.

Here is my update:

1 round of Cis and VP16- Severe hearing loss switched to Carbo

Round 2 completed

New CT and PET Scans mid cycle: Chest tumor & node are almost gone. Node in pelvis still there <1 cm, unsure if its met or inflam. condition due to cytic ovarian disease. Too small to biopsy.

Round 3 completed

I am in my final week or so of radiation-just sick of it, but okay. Have had some esophogus, some chest pain, moderate skin burns

I have had no vomiting from chemo. I have been tired and spacey.

I have severe bone pain to Neulasta (3 week dose) so I am doing Neupogen shots periodically at home for my WBC. This week it has hit an all time low. This makes me pretty nervous. The Neupogen also makes me feel like crap too, but I guess it's a have to.

Is there anything we can do to increase WBC and RBC's on our own that work ie, excercise, vitamins etc...My Doc say's no there isn't. Just thought I would ask the real experts, you guys.

Hoping all of you are well. Thanks again for the contact and for noticing I had been missing. Didn't mean to cause alarm by the break.


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Is the Onc not giving you Procritt for the red blood cells? I forget the generic name starts with an A. That is what makes you feel so tired. It is really frustrating. Eat properly, to help support your body, but it just can't keep up and you just have to rest. Hang in there Jen, doing radiation and chemo together is a big knock out. Don't worry about supporting us, just post once in a while so we know you are OK. It just takes time.



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Sorry about knocking on your virtual door - but glad to know that things are more or less okay.

It's a tough period you're going thru right now, and we fully understand the depression that comes with reading the board sometimes.

I hope you're getting the help and support you need from your family.......this too shall pass.

Hugs and prayers,


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Hey, sweetie...glad you feel up to checking in here! I read an article this last week on the internet (wish I could remember where...and I'd link it here) that said it might be a matter of genetics, as to how much a person reacts or suffers the side effects of cancer treatment. I figure with all the side effects you've had, Jen....that if this article is true....then you didn't get the lucky, genetic break!

We all know that everyone is different...but it really is a mind-boggler, isn't it, how some people seem to almost breeze through treatment while others end up suffering just about every side effect there is?

It's a testament to your strength though, Jen....that you've endured all you have and are hanging in there....so keep it up, toots! Once radiation is over, I KNOW you'll feel a lot better. The double-whammy really sapped my energy. I didn't even realize how much, until radiation was over....and now, I am not near as tired and ragged out!

As to increasing blood counts other than by the shots....I dunno. I get the shots...Neulasta once each chemo cycle and an Aranesp shot for RBCs every two weeks. My RBCs are still a tad below normal range...but yet I'm not feeling terribly anemic or weak.

Just make sure that if your WBCs are that low...that you avoid crowds or anyone who is sick. I've spent a lot more time at home these past few months, even though my counts have not been drastically low. I just figure it's not worth the risk of getting an infection.

Thinking of you...always, Jen. Sending hugs and "I can do this" vibes! :wink:

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So glad to hear fromj you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel just keep walking...The treatment is hard but the results will be worth it. The procrit is a good suggestion, it helped John gather some more energy during treatment.


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Jen-Glad you feel up to being on here. I tried calling you back once but no answer. I will get ahold of you tho! I have had my hands full with sick hubby, rebel of a daughter and tenant problems.

I can tell you you need something for the joint pain, ask your Dr for it. Or try Alieve OTC meds. They sure help me with that bone pain.

Talk soon, Love Cindy

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Good to hear from you. I also did epogen shots once a week for red counts. Between that & neupogen I did feel more energy but the transfusions worked the best!

This to will pass but does take time. I am just starting to get my energy level up. My last WBR was in March. So hang in there.

Thinking & praying for you...Rachel

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Jen, sorry so late seeing your post. Everything you said sounds oh so familiar. I had my last day of my 2nd round of chemo yesterday and then started radiation to my tumor sight on my skull. Chemoscuzzies are here. Glad to hear you ae doing well and that the adiation is almost over, I remember I was so happy on my last day. Sounds as if the treatments are doing the job. I am so happy for you. Keep your chin up, it will be over soon and you will be Cancer Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David C

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