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I have been gathering all of my Mom medical records this week, just to have in my possesion. I have only gotten the ones from her radiation doc (which I have not read) and the ones from her onocolgy doctor, which i did read.

Nothing that i didnt already know was in there EXCEPT copys of ct reading from 2002 when she was in the hospital for a pulmonary emblism.

Dated 11/03/02...12/21/02 and 2/04/03...In each of these reports it mentions a mass on her left lung the size of 1.5cm by 2.0 cm. This mass was the same on all 3 dates and each time mention to compare to previous ct scans but these were the first Mom had ever had. Than the next page which is dated 6/25/04 (the day we went to ER) and the mass had grown to 2.5 by 3.5 cm, and it was at this time we were told of the mass and further testing should be done.

WHY ON EARTH were we not told of this mass on 2002 and who had the right to determine that it would just be watched over the next 2 yrs??? If this was there 2 yrs ago and we were told it could have been biopsied at that time and treatment could have start 2 yrs ago... I keep telling myself that there must be some reason for this, but I cannot figured out what that may be, as I dont think anyone has the right to decide to watch a mass and not tell the patient. Also, as the record were I guess requested by her onc from the hospital, surley she read them and saw this too. Again nothing has ever been said about the tumor being there 2002. I have often wondered how it came to be so fats since om had been to the hospital and had ct scans and they showed nothing (or so we thought).

I am not sure what to do with this knowledge. I only know I am not going to worry my mom at this time. I plan to call my brother today and tell him and see what he says, but my fiance is adament about seeing an attorney. I mean nothing can change the fact that she lost 2 yrs of treatment, and Im sure even 2 yrs ago, she still would not have been a surgery candidate and she had/has severe copd. Although since onc put her steriods you would never know she had a breathing problem. I do not want to open a can of worms BUT........

Thanks in advance for any thought on this


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I am with your finace on this. If she was never told about the "mass", how was she to know to keep having the cat scans? That's awful. Did she have a primary Dr then? Is it the same one as she has now? Before doing anything else or mentioning it to anyone else, get ahold of her primary doctor's records.

The one good thing you have learned is that the tumor is VERY slow growing since it had not even doubled in over two years! Your profile says the tumor is in the trachea--do you mean that it invades the trachea? or was it contained in the trachea? If it began in the trachea, there would have been a point when it could have been surgically removed and if it began outside the trachea and grew toward the trachea, there would have been a time it still would have been a candidate for surgery if there was enough margin. If it started very near the outside of the trachea, it may never have been a candidate for surgery from what I think I know, but the thing is you need someone with real knowledge to look at the scan. COPD does not necessarily mean your mom could not have surgery.

I am sure as others will attest, there are things found in medical records that are never mentioned to patients. To me, that is wrong.

I am so sorry you are going through this extra burden right now. You have every right to be angry. There is a thread somewhere on here about suing and further information is given.

Here is the link

http://lchelp.com/community/viewtopic.p ... ight=suing

love and fortitude


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Kim, this is so unfair. We trust the Doctor to take care of us and they do something like this.

I have a new routine. After every visit, I go and pick up the x-ray, ct, etc. At the next appointment I take the film back and after visit pick up the new one. If any thing comes up between visits I have the film. Then I go to Medical Records and request the reports. They usually mail these. I only wish I had done this from the beginning. You JUST have to have all the records. Doing it this way I am not covered up all at once with everything. The New Normal! Anne

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I will try and give some you some insight by telling you my experience and what a few attorney told me.

I saw 9 doctors in 6 months while trying to find out what my problem was. The pain was in my left arm, originating from some lumps. I also had pain in my right hip. All doctors made the symptoms fit to for cervical injuries, and none looked at or felt the lumps on my arm. This culminated in setting me up for surgery to have my neck fused. A routine pre-op X-Ray showed LC and cancer in my arm and hip.

No harm no fowl, would the outcome have been different. If I live past the predicted survival time, from the onset of symptoms, there would be no fowl. If I die there will be no case as Stage IV is considered terminal no matter the time it is found. Of course if I laid out a 10K retainer they would find possibilities for a case.

I have talked with several persons diagnosed with cancer who have had similar experiences and becoming involved in knowing what is happening through records is a good way to stay ahead of a compromised system.

I applaud anyone who gathers their records, and your case is a great example of why.

I would also recommend talking to an attorney but advise you, that in my opinion, their ultimate goal is similar to the doctors, the bottom line.

Good luck


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