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No News Really IS Good News


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Well, had my latest CT scan on 9/13 (after completing 6 rounds of Cisplatin/VP-16), and saw the Onc today: "stable" disease :) (I never thought I'd be so happy over such a simple word!).

I'm having follow-up Bone Scan and Brain MRI in October.....I have had some tingling/numbness in my hands/legs and loss of hearing; Onc feels it is result of Cisplatin, but would rather be safe than sorry (me, too--although the thought of having my brain in a basket for that MRI freaks me out a little....I can get through it :) )

Plan now is to monitor status....will have regular check-ups/scans. Onc states that the usual time frame for recurrance/re-growth is somewhere between 6 months and 2 years.....we'll just have to wait and see. Radiation is not an option since my liver is involved, and as of right now he sees no need for PCI or WBR (of course, that may change depending on Brain MRI results, we'll just keep our fingers crossed)

Since "stable" seems to be a first cousin of NED, I am happy happy happy!

Also, thanks to the wonderful people on this board, I felt confident that I was asking the right questions and my stress level wasn't nearly as bad as it had been with previous scans.........THANK YOU ALL!!

Mary :)

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