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Relay for Life


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A year ago, someone asked me to buy a candle for the Relay for Life and dedicate to someone I knew who had cancer. I said I would buy a candle but I didn't know anyone with cancer. Ironically, Father's Day Weekend, last year, my husband went for a chest x-ray as he thought he had a chest infection and our long journey into Cancer Land began.

After he had the first biopsy, the Dr. took me aside (husband still out and no results back yet) and told me it was probably cancer and he would probably have a year to live. Last Friday night, my husband, one of our daughters, our dog and I walked the first lap of the Relay for Life with the other cancer survivors.

Its been a long hard year. My husband couldn't be operated on because of the position of the tumor and he had chemo and radiation. People dropped us. He got pneumonia and radiation pneumonitits.

He is now doing well. He is back at work and bought a motorcyle just because he always wanted one. We are enjoying everyday now and are not putting off things (1) until we're older (2) the kids are grown (3) we have more money etc etc.

I pray for each and everyone of you and for everyone up against this devastation disease.

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Great story . Love the happy ending. We all want and pray for happy endings. My church is sending a team this Friday evening to the local relay for life. I am looking forward to wearing my lung cancer survivor shirt and walking the victory lap. I noticed in the flyer they sent me they are going to balloon rides. I have said many times "boy I 'd like to try that." I think I will. The church team is going to camp out all night. I have done that before. I think I'll sleep in my own bed with the air conditioning running and no mosquitoes. Thanks again for sharing. :D

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I'm also walking in the survivors lap this weekend and going to try to walk with my sister a few hours later. Deb,The end of your post reminds me of me, I've always wanted a motorcycle and I think now my wife is willing to let me get one except now we don't have the extra $ for it, hope fully when I get back to work or start getting long term disability she will still haave that frame of mind. David

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Guest DaveG


I would have loved to have been in that survivor's lap, as that had to have been an emotional event. I missed our Relay because I was in the hospital getting a blood transfusion (got to take care of the important things).

Good luck with you future plans, as it sounds like your husband has told that doctor where to put his estimate.

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I like that story! but was sory to hear of the long year that went with it!

I am glad that he proved that Dr. wrong!!! As I did my Dr. Also! He gave me 3 mo.

I also walked the surviver lap of our Relay for Life!

Hope you have many happy days,months, & YEARS Ahead of you!



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It is amazing how many times I too thought this monster would never happen to anyone in my family. It creeps in and life is never the same. But as a family we now live each day with my Dad like it is a year and we take nothing for granted. My Dad made 100 angels and sold them for 5 dollars to raise money for cancer research...after he beat prostrate cancer he participated in a relay for life...I am praying that someday we can walk together in a relay....take care...none of us are alone in this..that is the good news

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