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hi everyone,

my mom finished wbr a week ago and has been on iressa for a little over a month, but her nausea doesn't seem to be going away. i was wondering if those that have had either procedure/medication have had this experience. the doctors can't seem to figure it out either, and i have read that iressa can cause nausea in some patients, so i don't know if that is the cause. if anyone has insight on this, i would really appreciate hearing from you.

God bless,


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When my husband was on Iressa he was nauseated 24 hours a day, he also had a rash from the top of his head to the feet, and had dirrhea all the time. He took it for about 8 weeks and said to hell with it. I told him he had to call the doctor and tell him he was stopping it, which he did and the doctor couldn't understand why, Ray had only been telling him for 8 weeks that it was making him sick, So he said talk to the wife, I told the doc. that we felt that quality of time was more inportant that quanity at this point. Ray feels and I agree that if your going to be sick all the time you have left then you might as well be dead already. KAY

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My husband always has unusual reactions. He slept constantly while on Decadon for PCI. Wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink etc. When he finally got off the Decadron he was nauseated for the longest time. He finally got down to the over the counter motion sickness pill. It had the fewest side effects. He took it by the clock. Finally one day the nausea was gone!

I hope your Mother will be feeling better soon.

Care giving is a very hard job. You must take care of yourself. If you don't ----then who will take care of your Mother.


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