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Poll for all IIIa IIIb IV NSCLC or Extensive SCLC


Did you have a cough that would not go away or a change in a long standing cough at the time of your DX?  

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  1. 1. Did you have a cough that would not go away or a change in a long standing cough at the time of your DX?

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Yup--a persistant cough that would NOT go away was her symptom--and she had it (and saw doctors about it) for months and months and MONTHS before she was dx'd with LC.

The fact that she was a never-smoker may have made the doctors discount the symptom. We had the same ignorant bias--we certainly did not ever think LC. If we had ever seen one TV ad, read one article, etc. re: symptoms of LC... In the spirit of full disclosure, it would also have helped had we not been brainwashed by what little information there is out there to think that LC only struck smokers (or past smokers).

Our collective ignorance about LC hurt Geoff's mom, and that is what really galls me.


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Minor dry cough here. Tickle in the back of my throat, non-productive...made it three weeks before hacking up some blood and my boy got sick so I took us both to the doctor (hey, I'm a mom, probably wouldn't have gone if I hadn't taken him).

Doctor thought it was possibly bronchitis, put us both on antibiotics. Boy got better, I hacked up deeper blood and then began the procedures for ruling out TB...

I'm a non-smoker, cancer kinda took us ALL (doctor included) by surprise...

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Len also had the "smoker's hack" -- not terrible but something that happened every morning...until he coughed up lots of blood after coughing one April morning and here we are.....

It's hard to sort out what goes with the cancer, what with the smoking, what with the allergies which still afflict him (and me) - I cough much more than he does (I have asthma) and there are times when he looks at me and says "I thought I was the sick one".

But the smoker's hack has disappeared as has the awful but necessary coughing post surgery to get rid of all the secretions.


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I'm answering for my father who had not smoked for over 30 years at the time of his diagnosis. He had a persistent dry-like cough; never coughed up any blood. Went to emergency because he had a hard time walking only a few feet due to shortness of breath and fatigue.

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