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  1. Keytruda

    Keytruda is working! Her scans were great.
  2. Keytruda

    Thank you for the update,Suzanne and I'm so glad treatment seems to be doing its job. I will keep you in my prayers.
  3. Keytruda

    Her doctor did not recommend anything else at this point. is that a bad sign? she won't let anyone go with her to appointment's and won't even consider questioning her doctors which is so very frustrating and I'm left guessing on questions like that
  4. Keytruda

    My mom had her first scan yesterday since starting keytruda treatments. They told her not to expect anything to shrink, but to hope the cancer has not grown since her last scan. Praying so hard right now for her!
  5. E cigarettes for patients??

    Thank you for sharing that Steff. I will definitely take all of that into consideration .
  6. E cigarettes for patients??

    Thank you for the feedback. it's good to know that you felt better using one and good for you for trying to quit completely and I hope that is what my mother is planning. She continues to push more people away as the weeks progress and I know she is scared, but refuses to talk to anyone about it. It seems like if anyone suggests she bring something up with her doctor, she fights us and does the opposite. I'm just at a loss trying to do the right thing for her. I'm trying to give her space and time to do what she needs to do while still trying to make sure she is doing ok. It's a difficult balance!
  7. E cigarettes for patients??

    Unfortunately she will not allow anyone else to talk to her doctors. That's probably the most hurtful and frustrating thing she can do to us right now. I truly feel like she is keeping things from us about her illness. I know that she is the one who is sick and has to go through this but those who care about her go through it too. We just want to know what was going on and that she is getting the help that she needs.
  8. E cigarettes for patients??

    My mother was recently diagnosed with NSCLC. She told me she quit smoking and was on the patch, but I found out she lied and is using an e cigarette instead. I told her to ask her doctor before she even considered it and of course, she didnt. I have found so many conflicting things online about them. Has anyone asked their doctors about them? obviously , they are better than smoking, but with someone in her condition, are they hurting her chances of any improvement? she is on keytruda if that makes a difference . Thank you for any advice on this. I am really starting to feel like she doesn't want to get better of she can't even ask if this is healthy for her. it makes me so sad and frustrated. why go through all of this treatment if you won't take care of yourself?
  9. Keytruda

    Thank you, Julie!
  10. Keytruda

    Mom had her first round of keytruda yesterday . she said she was very tired yesterday and this morning and she felt aches and pains . She seemed much better this afternoon. Praying this works! I'm wondering if the side effects will remain mild or get worse as she has more treatments. I was also wondering how many treatments she will have before they do a scan?
  11. Keytruda

    Thanks so much for the information, Julie! Being able to work is very important to my mother, so I'm glad to know that may be possible for her. She also has a short cruise planned for the fall so I am really hoping she can still do that even though I'll worry every second she is gone .
  12. Keytruda

    Wow! Thank you Suzanne and Woodburn for your replies also. My mom is such an active, positive person so I was hoping the side effects were manageable. Your posts help me a great deal and give me a little more hope. I will be praying for you both and look forward to your updates on your successful treatment!
  13. Keytruda

    Thank you. Yes. they are that size based on what my mom has told me they look like. I will keep that option in mind if needed.
  14. Keytruda

    My mom was diagnosed with NSCLC and was approved for keytruda. She has a small tumor in her lung and an even smaller, hardly visible one in her liver. Everything else came back clear. The keytruda will be her first treatment. What can we expect from this? Side effects? I know all cancer is different , but I would love to hear from someone who has taken it. Is it even possible this could shrink her liver tumor so they can operate on her lung or lead to remission? She is obviously stage IV so I know it is very serious and I'm worried about how much time I have left with her. My other question is, they never told her the size of the spots in her lung and liver. This may be a dumb question, but do the size of these matter at all or give any indication how advanced it is? She doesn't ask any questions during appointments so I'm trying to learn as much as possible. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide .
  15. Mom just diagnosed

    I have mentioned taking notes to her, she doesn't do it. It is frustrating and to be honest, I feel like she isn't telling me the truth about what is going on sometimes. There is nothing anyone can do to change how she is about things like this. I know her. I think part of it is she is embarrassed about the smoking and everything and what it has done to her because so many people have been telling her for so long that she needed to take better care of herself. I am trying my best to be positive , but I would feel so much better to talk to her doctors and hear from them, good or bad, what is really happening. I have told her this and she just says she needs her privacy. I am trying not to be selfish and make her angry and upset just to make me feel better. At some point, she is going to have to tell us what is happening if things do not get better. She has all the support she needs from me as she knows I'm there for whatever she needs, but she only tells me what is going on so I am very much alone trying to process all this. My fiance knows because there was no way i could even get up in the morning and function without his support. This site is starting to help though and thank you all and know that i pray everyday for a cure for everyone who is going through this.